Small Business Awards 2021

Small Business Awards 2021 31 Best Martial Arts School 2021 - NSW SJJA Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy opened its doors in 2018 under now Professor Doa Karan. An exemplary and respectful training environment has been cultivated over time, empowered by the dedication of each of its team members. This establishment is part of the rapidly expanding SJJA franchise founded by Professor Bruno Alves, a multi-world title winning champion. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes are offered to children as young as four, and cater to absolute beginners up to world-class competitors at all belt levels. SJJA Blue Mountains is committed to ensuring all members are given respectful individualised training, always providing an environment of support and belief that they can reach – and indeed, far surpass – their own goals and expectations. While developing the skill and precision of a martial art, learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at SJJA Blue Mountains provides all students with an opportunity to develop their personal fitness and wellbeing. The temperament and training that SJJA Blue Mountains supports its students to develop helps in every aspect of their lives, from the scholastic to the interpersonal. Critically, working on mastering a martial art shows them that anything is possible, and instils a self-belief that hard work and tenacity can help them through any challenge. Furthermore, as SJJA Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy is focused first and foremost on the wellbeing of its students, its instructors will always be on hand to ensure the students are approaching their training safely and effectively. Nov21433 Established in 2018, SJJA Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy has quickly made itself a cornerstone of its community with expert martial arts training and an incredibly supportive atmosphere. Pupils each receive the same outstanding level of encouragement and training, and can expect to benefit from the best of the best when it comes to self-defence, fitness, and a family-oriented environment. Developing this exemplary way of working has allowed SJJA Blue Mountains to encourage many of its students towards participation in national and state competitions. Whilst it will never require any of its members to compete, SJJA Blue Mountains is always excited to help foster the dreams of those wishing to chase that particular path, all the while allowing them to develop their skills in a positive and family-centric environment that is healthy, respectful, and supportive. The past couple of years have been particularly challenging. SJJA Blue Mountains has had significant disruptions due to severe bushfires necessitating evacuation, followed by the prolonged lockdowns and limitations arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. SJJA Blue Mountains wishes to extend its deepest gratitude to the staff and members who have supported it during these difficult times. They are excited to have two new female coaches teaching women’s only classes. Going into 2022, SJJA Blue Mountains is optimistic that it will be putting the tumult of the past 2 years behind it in order to continue to support all of its members in building fitness, BJJ skills, and camaraderie. Company: SJJA Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy Contact: Professor Doa Karan Website: