Small Business Awards 2023

Best Natural Taste Enhancer Producer 2023 - Scandinavia One thing that the culinary industry has struggled with for quite some time is the prospect of reducing waste. Bones from fish and meat alike are often discarded, because just how could these parts of the animal be incorporated into food? Answering this very question is Carnad, a seasoned and accredited producer of natural taste enhancers. Set to replace artificial additives and make use of often wasted animal products, Carnad has reshaped the world of flavouring in a myriad of ways. Its outlook is one of great innovation, ultimately leading to a brilliant shift in how most view additives as a part of food. In Carnad’s eyes, food should be made of food, and absolutely nothing else. It’s the healthiest way to approach increasing its nutritional value, while simultaneously minimising the industry’s waste output. In short, Carnad has its sights set on an exclusively natural methodology that seeks to solve the sector’s most pressing concerns. This vision manifests through Carnad’s ‘clean label’ Kokumi Natural Taste Enhancers – products that are strictly fashioned from food-based components. Gone are the days of synthetic flavours; now, there’s an alternative that’s simply a no-brainer for anyone wanting to enrich their dishes with natural flavours. Additionally, thanks to its concentrated composition, Carnad’s Kokumi Natural Taste Enhancer can be used sparingly to garner the same, if not better, results than its artificial counterparts. Not only does this increase the overall nutritional value of the products with which it’s combined, but it also allows for increased sustainability in a variety of means. From its waste-conscious qualities, to its extended longevity, Kokumi Natural Taste Enhancers are easily the market’s most considerate natural additive to date. Carnad has set a new standard, right down to the very tools that it utilises in order to produce such a revolutionary additive. It’s fairly common knowledge that the food industry has sometimes found it difficult to meet the needs of consumers in terms of clear, natural foods that are completely free from artificial additives. Hoping to help guide the sector to a better standing, Carnad has spent more than a decade leveraging its state-of-the-art facilities to fill this need, and fully intends to continue investing in its game changing products. Carnad has set itself up to become the bridge between the food industry and its desperate outcry for wholly natural taste enhancers, with its use of Kokumi underpinning its genius. But just what is Kokumi, and how does it come to be? Fundamentally, Kokumi is a relative of umami, one of the most coveted of the five taste groups. Kokumi is what heightens the mood – the taste that elevates the ambiance of other flavours, such as sweet, salty, and umami, to the next level. Consisting of di and tri-peptide proteins that have been broken down by amino acids, it’s a relatively unexplored natural enhancer that has come under the careful guidance of none other than Carnad itself. Having long since recognised its potential, the company extracts the means to produce Kokumi products from the meaty bones of animals, fish, and shellfish. The result? A natural taste enhancer that excels at replicating, and besting, the flavours given by artificial additives. Since 2010, there has been a vision – to provide ‘clean label’ flavour enhancers to those who resonate with the concept of food being primarily made of food. Carnad was the pioneer of realising this vision, and thirteen years later it has established a means to enrich food with natural additives, derived from natural meat and seafood commodities. Its Kokumi Natural Taste Enhancers exist to encourage an umami taste, whilst removing the need for MSG, yeast extracts, and other artificial additives. Below, we explore how Carnad has redesigned the template for enhancing taste.