Small Business Awards 2023

GGl ol obbaal lBBuus isni nees s sAAwwaar dr ds s 22002233 1 71 7 However, what is arguably Carnad’s most revolutionary characteristic is its dedication to thinking outside the box in terms of production. It’s one thing to have a brilliant idea, but it takes an immense amount of commitment to discover the very best approach towards bringing that vision to life. Carnad’s approach begins with its stocks and juices. By using a low temperature process, it manages to effortlessly eliminate metallic flavours caused by bitter proteins from tissue and high temperatures. This masterful technique centres around mixing raw materials and water, in turn breaking down the proteins and concentrating the substance into an extract that only requires 1% application to produce impeccable results. Following this process, Carnad utilises the remaining water from its stock and extracts and applies a well-known technique to produce its patented powders. This technique is, of course, spray-drying. By making use of the remaining components from its previous processes, not only is Carnad able to guarantee consistency, but it upholds its founding ethos of reducing waste and enhancing food through food itself. Capable of being applied to beef meat, pork meat, soups, spice mixes, and other food products, Carnad’s powders, similar to its stock and extracts, only require a fraction of product in order to concoct some of the best, natural flavours available on the current market. Shipping to all countries of the world, Carnad has distinguished itself as a natural taste enhancer producer that is undeniably revolutionary in its approaches. Its products are created from humanely suitable residual products originating from slaughterhouses and meat cutting plants alike, resulting in a massive decrease in the amount of waste on an industry-wide scale. This is, of course, all in pursuit of enhancing flavour through strictly natural methods and ingredients. As Carnad puts it - “Carnad products make great taste better by adding natural kokumi flavour to food, creating an outstanding, balanced mouthfeel.” For too long, Kokumi has been relatively untouched within the sector, making Carnad’s masterful use of it all the more astonishing. We’re so very excited to share Carnad’s one-of-a-kind approach towards creating natural taste enhancers with our readers. It has managed to effortlessly marry taste and sustainability to create a product that will only go on to benefit the industry in the coming years. Now part of Australia’s savoury food products, and proudly reaching customers across the globe, Carnad will surely continue the conversation of natural taste enhancers that it began just over a decade ago. Whatever direction Carnad takes, we’ll be keeping an eager eye on its future. Contact Details Contact: Erik Horst Schrøder Company: Carnad A/S Web Address: