Small Business Awards 2023

and qualifications, and once specific documentation has been received and checks carried out, the selected new recruit will be allocated a position within the faculty. From here, a continuous feedback loop begins between staff, students, and the company, to ensure that the process is running smoothly and that reliable, quality service is being undertaken. While this process may seem scrupulous, as the largest Scottish company providing this calibre of service to colleges and universities, it is vital that Theorise continues to exude greatness across the board and attract only the best to its noble cause. In return for their hard work and dedication, Theorise boasts leading UK pay rates, often attracting employees from its competitors and essentially having the pick of the litter at times when multiple companies are hiring for the same opportunity. Regarding the future of Theorise Ltd, the company plans to continue to grow, just as it has done year-on-year. Dany explains, “our plan is to continue our expansion into other regions of Scotland,” providing the same industry-leading service that is already afforded to thousands of students as a direct result of the tireless efforts of the team. Contact Details Contact: Dany Brunton Company: Theorise Ltd Web Address: Sep23507 Best NMPH Academic Support Recruitment Agency 2023 - Scotland Journeying into further education can be tough for anybody, particularly those with additional support, who may feel lost in a more relaxed working environment. Theorise Ltd has carried out extensive work over the years across further and higher education settings, proudly working with both students who are supported with DSA funding (such as SAAS or SFE) and those who are not. As one of very few registered SFE/SFW suppliers in Scotland, Theorise is able to uphold quality standards, affording those who need extra support in further education appropriate assistance from qualified and trusted support workers. Theorise has an unmatched ability to deliver the best solution for a student’s needs, bolstered by the relevant experience and expertise. Although sourcing candidates that best fit the bill is tough, its proven track record of excellence means that the company is entirely confident in its ability to exceed the requirements laid down by any institution with which it partners. Staff retention is key in ensuring success, as the company recognises the paramount importance of consistency for students, and to this end, aims to have the same support worker stay with a student from their first year through to their last. Further separating Theorise from the competition in the sphere is its credibility and accountability, a reputation it strives to continually uphold. Solidifying the company’s claims is its proud status as both a Corporate Member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and a Member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). These memberships serve as a marker that the company is committed to excellence, as well as acting as a beacon for honest and reliable service in a sector where this is sometimes lacking. Helping to ensure consistency throughout its operations, a rigorous recruitment process is in place, whereby clarity, thoroughness, and an emphasis on the bespoke ensure that applicants of the highest calibre fill positions. To achieve this, a six-stage process is implemented, beginning with the company being contacted by an institution and provided with the student’s contact details and information surrounding their course of study. Following on from this, Theorise will search its database for available candidates, and should somebody be immediately available, the process will begin. If this is not the case however, the role would be advertised on the company’s website and on relevant job boards. Initial telephone screenings are held with candidates, and those who impress will be invited in for an interview. A detailed picture is then built up comprising of employment history, education, Edinburgh’s Theorise Ltd is an educational recruitment business that has developed to today be Scotland’s largest agency for supplying additional non-medical personal help (NMPH) to students and staff in both further and higher education. The company’s extensive range of services includes the providing of study skills tutors (who assist those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and other such learning difficulties), mental health mentors, autism mentors, as well as in-class support workers, note-takers, proof-readers, and examination support staff. Not only is the quality of each of these services stellar, but the tailoring of these approaches to suit individual needs further sets the company apart. We speak with Dany Brunton, who provides us with further insight into the company’s magnificent work hiring those providing support within academic settings.