Small Business Awards 2023

Operating in a competitive industry, K C Building Services distinguishes itself through its exceptional service and likeable team. Beyond technical expertise, the cheerful demeanour of the team contributes significantly to the company’s success. Kier believes in creating a pleasant experience for clients and fostering relationships that extend beyond the construction project itself. Internally, K C Building Services has cultivated a culture of respect and camaraderie. The team, from the 17-year-old apprentice to the seasoned 51-year-old ‘all-rounder’, shares a strong bond. The team works together and socialises, creating a positive working environment. Kier emphasises the importance of recruiting individuals who align with the team’s values, possess the necessary skills, and contribute positively to the team dynamic. Looking towards the future, K C Building Services harbours ambitions for growth while retaining the personal touch that has defined its success. The company envisions expanding its services in interior design, bespoke fitted furniture, and architecture. Rather than focusing solely on numerical growth, the goal is to enhance the company’s image and stature, becoming a leader in its field. In summary, K C Building Services stands as a beacon of excellence in the construction industry, driven by trust, honesty, integrity, hard work, and dedication. The company’s success lies in the structures it builds, the relationships it fosters, and the positive experiences it provides for clients. The future holds aspirations for growth, innovation, and continued promise to the values that have shaped K C Building Services into a trusted name in construction. Company Name: K C Building Services (Midlands) Ltd Contact Name: Mr Kier Cartledge Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Oct23383 Most Trusted General Building Contractor 2023 - East Midlands What sets K C Building Services apart is the rhetoric of expected service and a genuine commitment to delivering top-notch quality jobs. The company strongly emphasises providing an honest and transparent service, ensuring that clients receive a structurally sound result and a positive experience throughout the construction journey. This includes maintaining a friendly and supportive atmosphere onsite, regardless of the challenges or weather conditions, with the team metaphorically “holding your hand” through every step. A unique aspect of K C Building Services is its in-house design service, featuring professional and experienced architects. These architects not only put clients’ ideas onto paper but also navigate the planning process and secure Building Regulations status, streamlining the path for the desired construction work. The company seamlessly handles various construction stages, encompassing groundwork, brickwork, roofing, plastering, and joinery, and collaborates with trusted electrical contractors and plumbing and heating engineers. Further strengthening the process, K C Building Services works closely with building material suppliers to secure favourable prices and deliver the best deals to clients. Recent expansions into interior design and installation services have added a new dimension to the company’s offerings. This service allows clients to offload the stress of the finishing touches to K C Building Services, turning client preferences into reality. The company strives beyond conventional construction services, from creative reinterpretations of ideas to crafting bespoke joinery, such as hand-crafted fitted furniture. As members of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), K C Building Services offers safety, security, and an expert service to a diverse clientele, from domestic and private clients to local councils. The company has also undertaken projects for commercial clients involving the construction of offices and storage units. Noteworthy is its experience working on healthcare units, even extending its services to the personal homes of healthcare professionals. The company’s owner, Kier Cartledge shares his insights into the driving factors behind the company’s success, underscoring personal influences. His grandmother, father, and partner are acknowledged as pivotal figures shaping his values and principles. These include a dedication to hard work, respect for others, and a mission to make these influential figures proud by providing exceptional service. Regarding undertaking new projects, K C Building Services adopts a hands-on approach. Kier describes the process as “holding the client’s hand” throughout the project, emphasising a personal touch and ensuring a successful outcome. The company recognises that many private and domestic clients may have yet to gain prior experience with construction projects. Providing guidance and making the construction experience enjoyable and stress-free is essential. Diving into the essence of K C Building Services, despite its modest size, the company stands as a comprehensive building contractor, guiding clients through every stage of their projects. From the initial concept to the final touches, the K C Building Services team takes pride in offering a holistic approach, ensuring that each step of the construction process is meticulously handled, transforming ideas into reality.