Small Business Awards 2023

Small Business Awards 2023 29 Oct23328 Hewsons Executive Coaching (Hewsons) is a seasoned leader in executive coaching and with a rich history, it proudly holds the title of the oldest coaching business in Australia and New Zealand. Hewsons is recognised for putting clients first, always striving for improvement, and charting a clear path for the future. We take a closer look at what makes Hewsons a standout in the coaching industry, known for its ability to deliver high quality and innovation. Having commenced operations in 1972, Hewsons Executive Coaching specialises in executive and leadership coaching alongside senior leadership and executive team development coaching programmes designed to transform or support organisational cultural work. It has demonstrated its expertise across diverse sectors, including construction, mining, telecommunications, and infrastructure projects. The pillars of Hewsons’ success rest on a combination of factors, beginning with its assurance of exceeding client standards. Clients commend the profound and sustainable impacts achieved through robust partnerships with senior leaders. The requirement for Hewsons’ coaches to live and apply the coaching concepts they advocate ensures a continuous pledge to self-improvement and industry thought leadership. Approaching each engagement with a beginner’s mindset, Hewsons emphasises understanding the client’s business thoroughly before proposing customised solutions. The organisation takes pride in its team’s experience and leadership qualities, only employing coaches with sufficient professional or life experience. In navigating new projects or clients, Hewsons adopts a meticulous onboarding approach. Individual coaching assignments commence only after ensuring a fit between the client and the coaching programme. For more significant cultural engagements, extensive exploration of the client’s business landscape, stakeholder dynamics, and industry-specific challenges ensures the creation of fully customised solutions. Operating in a competitive landscape, Hewsons distinguishes itself through a client-centric approach, emphasising quality over quantity. In acknowledging competitors, particularly in the executive coaching arena, the organisation uniquely positions itself against single practitioners, or larger firms that utilise those individuals on a contract basis and therefore risk compromising quality and consistency of language and concepts. Internally, Hewsons cultivates a culture aligned with its values. Coaches undergo an Executive Coaching Intensive programme, followed by ongoing briefings and support for assignments. The organisation looks for recruits passionate about making a difference, possessing a genuine love for people, and demonstrating a depth of professional and personal development. Now, Hewsons is embarking on a strategic evolution process set to conclude by the end of 2024. This evolution includes broadening the leadership team and diversifying the services offered to provide approaches that powerfully support leaders in dealing with the highly complex and rapidly changing environment they are now faced with . While growth is a focus, the organisation remains committed to maintaining a boutique status, prioritising quality. A distinctive offering from Hewsons is the Executive Transformation Intensive. This structured 15-18 month programme allows leaders to explore blind spots, confront discomfort, and reinvent themselves as the leaders they aspire to be. In light of its storied history, the ability to achieve client success, and clear strategic vision, Hewsons stands poised for a compelling future. While embracing growth, Hewsons remains steadfast in its dedication to maintaining a boutique status, prioritising quality over quantity. With a unique offering in the Executive Transformation Intensive, Hewsons positions itself as a trailblazer in the industry, providing leaders with a structured programme for self-discovery and reinvention. This distinctive approach sets Hewsons apart and points to a future where the organisation continues to lead by example, pushing the boundaries of executive coaching innovation. Ultimately, the convergence of Hewsons Executive Coaching’s rich legacy, commitment to client-centric values, and strategic roadmap positions it to navigate future challenges with resilience and innovation, ensuring a trajectory of sustained success and industry leadership. Company: Hewsons Executive Development Pty Ltd Name: Carolyn Dean Email: [email protected] Web Address: Telephone: 61 413 820 322 Executive Coaching Business of the Year 2023 - Melbourne