Technology Innovator Awards 2017

42 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2017 , Meritec provides a wide range of services and solutions to deliver performance improvement and save money for its customers in the public and private sectors. We invited HaydnHoward to tell us more about the firmand the range of services it provides to this myriad of clients. Best Business Solutions IT Company - UK Established in 1996, Meritec has since flourished into a highly respected professional and digital services company based in Skipton, North Yorkshire. Haydn discusses the firm’s clients and how it works to provide them with the highest possible level of support and service. “Here at Meritec, our customers are spread far and wide throughout the UK and include the majority of local authorities as well as a range of large companies. We supply a portfolio of innovative business and digital solutions. All our solutions are hosted in our UK datacentres and our services are delivered against high performance service level agreements thereby enhancing customer value and reducing risk. We pride ourselves on strong relationships, we are friendly and easy to do business with and our core value is to exceed our customers’ expectations. “Our ESB Agile based solutions help our customers to do more for less. Our Flexible support services provide expertise when it’s needed, allowing customers to maintain service delivery through a period of unprecedented change. Our e-Awareness products enable good practice in areas such as corporate fraud, risk management and information security. Our CPOMS solution enables safeguarding of pupils in all sizes and types of schools. Our innovative business applications simplify complex operations.” As part of its client focused approach, Meritec Limited are experts in business and digital innovation, and this is reflected both in the firm’s offering and in its mission, as Haydn explains. “To ensure excellence for our clients, our mission is to dramatically reduce our customers’ operating costs through modern IT services and solutions that do exactly what’s needed in the most effective way. We provide digital solutions using our unique software platform, ESB Agile, that rapidly generates smart business applications through the automation of business rules and variable parameters. Solutions already exist for many key areas and these can be readily localised. Our solutions and services are securely hosted from UK tier 3 datacentres, whilst applications management and migration/ conversion are our forte. We enable our clients to provide their customers with truly digital capabilities such that they can get the job done in the most effective way at the lowest possible cost. “As such, Meritec’s approach is to ensure our solutions do what is needed in the most simple and effective way at a much more affordable cost. Our solutions are based upon an expert facility which can rapidly generate business applications through the definition of appropriate business rules and parameters. Solutions are ready-made in many key areas and these can be readily deployed and easily tailored to suit local requirements. Each solution focuses on the most effective route to fulfilment and manages all the requisite information, processes, outputs and interfaces with other vital systems. All at substantially reduced cost compared with alternatives. “Fundamentally, our approach saves money by substantially reducing operational costs; improves service performance by speeding up fulfilment; delivers effective results by focusing on real needs; reduces risk by deploying proven methods; exploits data by interfacing easily with critical systems; eases management support by keeping technology simple and together; protects investment by readily enabling wider application; enables growth by simple steps.” This client focused approach is emphasised throughout the organisation and is central to Meritec’s internal culture, as Haydn is keen to highlight. “Our culture is shaped by our client-centeredness. Our attitude and approach are driven by conforming with our customers’ requirements in the most effective way. Meritec prides itself on our strong relationships with our customers. We are friendly and easy to do business with and our core value is to exceed our customers’ expectations. We have extensive experience of our customers’ needs. Many of our staff have worked in or with customer organisations for many years. Our team and partnership approaches ensures this knowledge and understanding is exploited in our service delivery. “Essentially, we pride ourselves on experiencing extremely low staff turnover; this provides good stability, continuity and enables us to build lasting relationships with our clients and their staff.” What sets the firm apart from its vast array of competitors is that Meritec are not only business and digital experts but the firm also own and supply a powerful digital platform. At its heart is an agile rapid deployment tool that is ideally suited to the digital space. It has many components that are essential for digital working, especially mobile applications. Moreover, Meritec have developed a wide range of digital processes that can be readily deployed and localised for clients. Additionally, modern systems like Meritec’s are sociable - they look outwardly to the customer, internally and externally. The systems are intuitive and intelligent and designed to interact easily with the user. Moreover, they are seamlessly linked to smart and functional front-ends with powerful dashboard viewing and reporting facilities to reach all parts.