Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Technology Innovator Awards 2021 17 Apr21484 Having planned, executed, tracked and optimised digital campaigns for more than a decade, touching more than 250 million devices a day for customers in more than 80 countries, and with a string of big names as clients, such as AliExpress, Shien, Etoro, Betway, Sony, Manila Times and The Philstar Group, it’s clear to see why Zoomd stands head and shoulders above the rest. “Advertisers don’t have a high-level, birds-eye view of all campaign data in all media sources,” Keren continues. “They need to manage and optimize the campaigns in each platform separately. Zoomd solves this problem for advertisers with a fully integrated platform that allows users to efficiently manage their ad spend budgets. Zoomd proprietary technology for AI-based user acquisition, analytics and onsite search provides a clear edge over the competition. Zoomd provides advertisers with the best in-class media buying AND analytics.” Working within the fast paced technology industry, Zoomd needs to stay ahead of emerging developments to remain at the forefront of its game. The firm built its UA platform based on its own experience and, upon the in-house team becoming overwhelmed with the number of campaigns that needed creating and optimising on a daily basis, Zoomd built its own user acquisition platform. This is now connected to more than 600 media sources, covering 90% of global mobile media. However, the company’s success is not merely just down to clever and innovative technology and Keren is quick to highlight the teamwork of the dedicated staff base. “Our multinational team is comprised of some of the best, brightest and most passionate people in the mobile industry,” she enthuses. “Our teams come from different backgrounds and different nationalities, bringing different perspectives and insights to our everyday work.” With regards to the future, Zoomd has big plans for global expansion and growth for its SaaS products across all of its KPIs. Contact: Keren Shlush Company: Zoomd Technologies ltd Web Address: Best Marketing App Growth Solutions Platform2021: Zoomd Headquartered in Israel, MarTech company Zoomd was founded in 2012, merged with moblin in 2017 and began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture (TSXV: ZOMD) in September 2019. It specialises in providing both advertisers and publishers with a unified platform to manage all UA and Monetization needs by offering a site search engine to publishers, and a mobile app user acquisition platform, integrated with a majority of global digital media, to advertisers. the mobile user acquisition platform for Advertisers unites more than 600 media sources into one unified dashboard, providing advertisers with a user acquisition control centre for managing all new customer acquisition campaigns using a single screen. By unifying all these media sources onto a single platform, Zoomd saves advertisers significant resources that would otherwise be spent consolidating data sources, thereby maximizing data collection and data insights while minimizing the resources spent on the exercise. “We enable both advertisers and publishers to see the full picture - to expand their capabilities and to turn new knowledge into new revenue streams,” explains Marketing Manager, Keren Shlush. “Zoomd was created by a team of mobile marketing and search veterans, with a clear vision to allow growth by simplifying the everyday process of campaign management.” Furthermore, Zoomd is a performance-based platform that allows advertisers to advertise to the relevant target audiences using a key performance indicator algorithm that is focused on achieving the advertisers’ goals and targets. In Q1 of 2021, Zoomd released a suite of self-serve products starting with a SaaS model of its UA platform, integrated only to premium media sources - FB\IG, Apple search, Google UAC, Snap, TikTok and Twitter - providing advertisers with a self-serve platform allowing them to optimise and operate UA campaigns on a global scale from one centralised dashboard. Originally founded as an internal site search engine, Zoomd has gone from strength-to-strength in nearly a decade since its inception. We speak to Keren Shlush about the firm’s unique offering and how it is positioned for future growth.