Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Hull Cleaning Technology Company of the Year 2021 Schomberg Investments (Pty) Ltd is a family-owned business that develops, engineers, and manufactures environmentally compliant in-water hull cleaning machinery for the maritime industry. The Schomberg patented bio-fouling removal, capture, containment, and filtration system is internationally certified, resulting in the capture and neutralisation of the alien invasive organisms. The Schomberg Vacu-Cart and Reclamation Filtration System surpasses the industry standard and approval procedure of in-water cleaning, ensuring that the results are a clean ship, safe working practice and environmental compliance. The patented system is built on a Siemens platform and enables a high degree of customisation, while a real-time monitoring system allows for continuous improvement of operational efficiency. The primary tool for the removal and capture of marine growth from the flat or curved underwater surfaces is the Vacu-Cart. For less regular surfaces, shrouded hand tools have been designed. Each cleaning tool has a vacuum shroud that connects separately to the central, fully enclosed vacuum system through which the bio-fouling debris is vacuumed onto the support vessel or quay side filtration system for treatment. The captured and extracted water and bio-fouling debris is then passed through a multistage, modular filtration and treatment system where the bio-fouling debris and particles are separated from the water. The separated biofouling debris is bagged and disposed of at a registered land fill site. The water is then filtered through a three-way filtration system and disinfected by a UV Reactor. The UV Reactor effectively disinfects organisms such as bacteria and phytoplankton. The neutralised water is discharged back to the original water source. Schomberg understands that its business activities impact the maritime eco system and its resources. Schomberg will continue its efforts to conserve resources, preserve natural habitats and prevent pollution. Schomberg will achieve results, both locally and globally by: • Developing environmental best practices in programmes, products, and services. • Setting environmental impact targets and measuring performance. • Working with its employees, suppliers, owners, and local communities to minimise its environmental impact. • Complying with local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations. Schomberg can narrow its target market as it specialises in a specific customer niche, which allows it to focus on the skills or services that uniquely benefit that customer. This enables Schomberg to build stronger customer relationships, focus on superior customer service, solve a problem by dedicating turnkey solutions which allow it to become the expert in its field. Schomberg’s transparency to its customers also makes is easy to do business with. In the Marine Industry, there are multiple external factors that have a ripple impact on the development within. • The economic influence on the In-Water Cleaning Companies initial capex outlay to purchase environmentally compliant equipment that will meet the required regulations is substantial. However, the long-term environmental benefits exceed the high costs for the compliant machinery. • The ship owners must expect to pay more for the In-Water Cleaning services. However, the long-term savings of faster and better fuel consumption voyages for their vessels will outweigh the In-Water cleaning costs. • The influence of the ports is vital as they need to monitor and implement correct procedure of in-port cleaning activities and allow compliant In-Water Cleaning Companies to undertake the In-Water Cleaning process, while the ships are loading and offloading cargo. • The environmental influence is the most crucial as the eradication of the translocated alien species can be achieved and become a new standard. Being a family-run business, Schomberg looks for family values in its team and understands that “perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” The company’s values reflect its dedication to delivering quality service, building lasting relationships, and holding itself accountable, and are based on integrity, innovation, teamwork, growth and accountability. Schomberg’s corporate social responsibility is a way of approaching its work that embodies the vision and values and supports a balance of professional and personal needs. Schomberg believes globally that it has a responsibility to the communities in which it operates as well as to its investors, employees, and business partners. As climate change affects every corner of the planet, people and nature worldwide are already feeling the effects: water supplies are shrinking, extreme weather events increasing in frequency and intensity, forests burning, and coral reefs dying. Therefore, Schomberg believes that the year 2021 must be the year for climate action – “the make or break it year.” Schomberg’s goal in 2021 is to adaptively assist in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through reducing the drag on a ship by safely and environmentally removing biofouling from the hull, using the Schomberg Vacu-Cart and Reclaim Filtration System. Not only will this action reduce the greenhouse gas emissions but also eradicate the translocation of Alien Invasive Organisms. Company: Schomberg Investments (Pty) Ltd Web Address: May21516 Schomberg is a leader in environmentally compliant underwater hull cleaning technology. In the wake of the company being given a Technology Innovator Award, we take a closer look at what sets it apart from the rest.