Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Best Gas Detection Supply Service Provider - UK & Ireland The dangers presented by gas are numerous, so quick and effective identification is vital to protecting both property and lives. The team behind OBW Technologies have been leading the way in this field since they first opened their doors in 2010. A decade on, they have been able to achieve incredible success in Corporate Vision’s Technology Innovator Awards 2021. We dig a little deeper to discover how they did it. Since first opening its doors, OBW Technologies has become a mainstay of Ireland’s gas detection industry. The team started with portable gas detection solutions but has grown over the years to become the highest seller of Honeywell fixed gas detection in Ireland. The team’s work has seen them carrying out various services in all areas of the gas detection industry, including the vital and specialist area of pharmaceuticals. Under the care of JJ O’Brien, Managing Director, and Sharon O’Brien Director, OBW Technologies has become the main Honeywell distributor in Ireland as well as the Honeywellapproved service provider. The success of the company stems from a focus on detailed knowledge of the industry. Many people turn directly to suppliers but miss out of the expertise of the OBW Technologies team’s range of fully trained technicians. For a truly comprehensive service, these are the people to turn to when you want quality service completed. Often, customers reach out directly to the OBW Technologies team in order to gain expert advice on fixed gas detection systems. The nature of the company means that a project manager can be assigned to their case so that the installation and commissioning can be completed to the specific requirements of the client, as well as to the high standards that they deserve. This close relationship between the firm and its clients has been one of the keys to the team’s continued success, as people trust the firm to deliver sterling results. The role of technology in this sector is constantly changing, and the COVID-19 pandemic has seen leaps and bounds made within the industry at large. While innovation is at the heart of the service that the OBW Technologies team provides, the key Apr21072 to success comes from a deep understanding of what a product does, how it works and the best way to implement it into existing systems. If there is demand for a product, the team explore how it can be used intimately to ensure that it is the right solution for their customers. OBW Technologies has strong roots in Ireland and the head office is currently based in Limerick. While this has opened many doors to the team, they are always looking for new ventures. This search has allowed them to set up an office in the UK, where plenty of new opportunities have presented themselves. Developing this market is a large part of the firm’s long-term strategy. The nature of OBW Technologies has seen them act as consultants for clients, but this summer, the team intend to launch their own eCommerce website to make exploring the various options as easy as possible. Since first opening its doors, OBW Technologies has grown incredibly. With thirty people in the team’s employ, and the numbers constantly growing, it’s little wonder that they have achieved such remarkable levels of success. As the firm expands into new territories, exploring new and exciting frontiers, we celebrate their impressive success, and look forward to what the team is going to achieve next. Company: OBW Technologies Telephone: +353 (0)818 005290 Email: [email protected] Web Address: