Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Best Tech-Focused Business Growth Partner 2021 – Asia Pacific Gemma Manning launched Gemstar to pave the way for innovative tech businesses to expand into Asia. The company is an international business partner, education and training company focused on unearthing and helping fast-growth start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs to expand into ASEAN or into Australia. With a strong focus on tech businesses, Gemstar takes pride in being a highly personalised business growth partner which is accessible, inclusive, and for everyone with entrepreneurial thinking and innovation at its very core. Gemstar’s results-driven approach is underpinned by a philosophy of nurture and care. Its international marketing strategies rest on a solid foundation of local market expertise as well as an extensive business network, delivering clients measurable outcomes and sustainable business growth. It supports companies expanding into Asia through the following and more: it assists clients with their go-to-market strategy and market-readiness checks for expansion; it leverages its network to accelerate strategic business introductions to develop a tailored and market-appropriate programme essential for any company – especially tech businesses; it helps clients prepare for presentations/meetings (research, customer/market knowledge) to ensure that their pitch is culturally appropriate from the start; it helps clients with their marketing campaigns and content (promotional collateral, website design and creation); it assists with business registration, banking or legal services (incorporation); it helps tech clients ensure funding and grants for expansion into Asia; it provides website design and development services for the Asian market; and it creates and advises on marketing collaterals relating to the Asian market. The company aims to shine a light on companies and entrepreneurs alike by providing end-to-end market access and commercialisation services. Gemstar’s strategy is to support fast-growth tech start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs into a range of international markets, including Singapore, Australia and ASEAN. Gemstar believes that entrepreneurship should be accessible and available to all. Unfortunately, the entrepreneurial ecosystem is neither sufficiently diverse nor accessible. It remains largely dominated by mainstream groups, and while many governments around the world continue to celebrate and encourage the growth of small businesses and start-ups, this call to arms shouldn’t be limited to only certain parts of the community. With this in mind, Gemstar offers a range of carefully crafted masterclasses which are designed to support its clients (if necessary), but also anyone who is looking to equip themselves with the right tools to start or grow their business, and understand how to expand into international markets – a craft in itself. Furthermore, Gemstar offers a diploma in Singapore, and holds its annual YoungGems boot camps which work to inspire budding entrepreneurs to begin the journey with a marketingled approach. Gemstar’s vision is to aid YoungGems participants in building exciting new businesses with global relevancy whilst strategically avoiding the known pitfalls of business. In past years, Gemstar has also run ASEAN Immersion, an allinclusive programme that focuses on learning, collaboration, and developing your Asian network, building business opportunities and much more. Participants are exposed to a range of targeted and tailored one-to-one business meetings with hand-picked prospective customers, distributors and investors. However, this is currently on hold due to the pandemic. Founder, serial entrepreneur and author, Gemma Manning built her own strategic marketing consultancy, Manning and Co from scratch and expanded her company from Australia into Asia. Not only does Gemstar provide full-service business development consultancy services, but its offerings are based on real-world experience and proven success. Among Gemstar’s achievements, in 2020 it ran HiddenGems, the first ever business mentorship programme in Australia for the deaf and hard of hearing. Gemstar is always pushing boundaries and paving the way. Gemma Manning has been recognised as Game Changer of the Year in Asia for three consecutive years, and Gemstar has been recognised for its Asia expansion work over the last few years at the very highest levels, including by Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong. Gemstar has always been ahead of the curve. To build a sustainable business with longevity, being visionary, keeping your eye on the landscape around you and being agile in your response to changing circumstances is part of Gemstar’s secret sauce of success as a business. This flows through into its company culture, where everyone is encouraged to engage with the latest technology, to keep up to date with the latest digital solutions and tools. Its sister company created a “marketing technologist” role before MarTech was even a thing! Gemstar always has its head up, taking note of its surrounds and what is coming. This has served it very well, and continues to do so. Company: Gemstar Contact: Thea Dixon Website: May21016