Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Technology Innovator Awards 2021 29 May21565 Its internal environment is one of mutual support and encouragement, with a strong focus on diversity across each one of its three locations, serving global clients with tolerance and respect. Milanamos wishes to thank each one of its staff for their hard work during the challenges of Covid-19, and also extends thanks to the clients who stuck with it throughout – in thanks, it promises to take them with it into a brighter future for air travel, hoping to double its number of customers by 2023. Lastly, customers both new and old can look forward to its upcoming updated scenario planning simulations, something that is causing significant buzz in its industry as launch draws ever-closer. Company: MILANAMOS Contact: Christophe Ritter Website: Best Aviation Travel Data & Analytics Provider 2021 When it comes to the travel industry, having the correct data at one’s fingertips is vital for professionals and flight service providers. Hence, Milanamos has dedicated its business model to making sure that its clients can have access to such things, formally launched in January of 2014 to provide data and solutions for agile marketing support in aviation. Three months after the launch of the business, the Milanamos’ data system, a huge undertaking branded under the name PlanetOptim, was launched as an integrated solution that provides analytical market studies for airports, transport operators, and governmental bodies. Nowadays, this concept has expanded and developed into the business as it stands, one that serves large aircraft manufacturers such as Icelandair, FlyDubai, Viva Air, and SKY Airlines, working with large airports like Paris, Hamburg, and Manilla. Its objective in all things at Milanamos is to ensure that air service providers across the operational chain can anticipate both opportunities and challenges in advance, keeping a finger on the pulse of the aviation and travel industry to allow for improved services across the board. This has all been fully informed by its mission: making travel technology as simple as possible, without robbing it of the complexities that allow it to be one of the most advanced sectors in the world. Throughout the years it has been in operation, its attention has always been on bringing tomorrow’s innovation to today’s work. Nominally, it champions new innovations and ingenuity, always focusing on the intuitive and actionable nature of such things in order to better itself piece by piece. Where the true excellence of its services shines, however, is in the fact that whilst this complexity goes on behind the scenes, the user-facing part of its platform is user-friendly and fully self-explanatory in order to reduce onboarding time and streamline processes. It has pioneered Data Leak databases, supported the integration of heterogenous data, and implemented explainable artificial intelligence to provide analytics and optimizations in an integrated manner. Thus, PlanetOptim has become the key to its clients for forward analysis. Additionally, it is making innovation accessible through UX design, ensuring that no end-user is excluded from making use of the best the industry has to offer; without knowing any technicalities, a marketing director is therefore empowered to build complex competitive scenarios and define a strategy for forward momentum. Being the largest travel database worldwide, driven by aviation experts, and closely working with its clients to provide proven solutions, its dedication to innovation is supported by a flexible and agile IT infrastructure. Moreover, in an industry moving away from regular cycles, the more adaptable the approach, the better. This was exacerbated by Covid-19 as regulations and rules changed on the daily, providing an interesting crucible in which Milanamos dedicated itself to diligently and efficiently keeping track of changes, enabled by its Explainable AI. This feature carries all the benefits of AI, but keeps the user at the heart of decisionmaking. Milanamos’ dedication to continual update is shown with its constant upgrading of its programming language, something it values in allowing it to keep a competitive edge. Evidently, technology is the core of its business; but its relationship with its clients is its heart. Dedicated to the continual upgrade and betterment of data provision for the aviation industry, Milanamos is a company ensuring the betterment of the information available to service providers. With a solid foundation of innovation behind it and multiple exciting developments for its clients in the near future, it is the business of today getting its sector ready for the challenges of tomorrow.