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Most Promising Modern Orchestral Symphony Production 2020

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Most Promising Modern Orchestral Symphony Production 2020

The MOONS SYMPHONY® Ltd. is a production company that offers an inspiring new experience through the power of music to explore new astronomical worlds. The creation of this twentieth-century work is for a global world tour as THE MOONS SYMPHONY® aims to connect society to the solar system and science through this artistic and innovative platform combined with stunning space imagery to deliver its message of HOPE.
After consulting with NASA scientists, Astronauts, and Space artists, THE MOONS SYMPHONY® delivers fascinating accounts of exotic moons where science has been the cornerstone of inspiration with a libretto anchored in scientific accuracy.
The first six movements focus on scientific DATA collected from space probes. However, the 7th moon's focus is on the emotional DATA brought back through astronauts' hearts after seeing our fragile Planet and Earth's breathtaking beauty, united, and whole.
Amanda Lee Falkenberg - CEO, composer, creator, and director of THE MOONS SYMPHONY®