11 Tech for Good Leaders Reveal 2020 Resolutions

It was the year that saw Aston Martin unveil its first-ever electric car, the sighting of a rare albino panda in China, Anthony Joshua lose and win back this title of heavyweight champion, and Rihanna become the first woman to originate a brand at LVMH.

But while 2019 played host to so many unforgettable events, perhaps what made it most exciting was that it was the precursor to 2020! With the new decade just weeks away, we’ve asked 11 leading tech for good CEOs to share their New Year resolutions.

From AI-powered food discovery to teledentistry to online fundraising, here’s what the UK’s frontrunners are determined to achieve in the next 12 months…


Markus Stripf, CEO & Co-Founder of Spoon Guru, the AI-based food search and discovery solution which is used by Tesco, comments:

“It’s simple – to live in the present moment. Elvis was correct, it’s now or never, right? From a business perspective, to help give more people more transparency, choice and peace of mind when it comes to managing individual dietary and health preferences, and to reach new international markets. In 2019 it was expansion into the U.S. and Australia. In 2020 our aims are Asia, South America and beyond”.   


Kay Oswald, President of International of SmileDirectClub, that offers remote clear aligner therapy to transform smiles, comments:

“My New Year’s Resolution is to help more people around the world unlock the power of a smile they love in hope it gives them the confidence they need to succeed. That includes continuing to develop and grow my team as we expand internationally throughout 2020”.


Murray Lambell, Executive Sponsor of eBay for Charity, the fundraising platform that connects users with their favourite charities, comments:

Ahead of a trip I am making to Iran next year, I’ve committed to ‘بهبود فارسی من’, that’s ‘whipping my Persian into shape’. I’d also like to see eBay maximise on the momentum of hitting $1 Billion raised through eBay for Charity by forging impactful partnerships across the charity sector.


Dr Shona D’Arcy, Founder & CEO of Kids Speech Lab, the digital health platform for children’s speech and language development, comments: 

“I don’t wait until the New Year to resolve things that need to be changed. If I see something isn’t working or I’m getting frustrated with something I sit down with my brother, ex-international rugby player Gordon D’Arcy, to solve it”.


Morten G. Ulsted, CEO of ExSeed Health, the leading home fertility test and app, comments:

“Business-wise, my New Year’s Resolution is to continue building a company that challenges the conventions of our industry. I want to open up the male fertility conversation and break down the taboo, empowering men to take control of their own fertility challenges and health. As for my personal one, I’ll keep to myself!”


Simon Checkley, CEO of The Regenerative Clinic, the world’s leading global clinic providing regenerative treatments, comments:

“In each month of 2020, I aim to run a marathon (26 miles). My goal for The Regenerative Clinic is to make it the global centre of excellence for regenerative medicine”.


Charles Clowes, CEO & co-founder of Bud & Tender, the UK cannabis supplement company producing high quality CBD Cannabis Oil, comments:

“Throughout the year I intend to spend greater quality time with my family. On the business side we want to focus on quality and production innovation. Additionally ensure that we’re constantly advancing support and help for customers either face to face; over the phone; via email; or at trade shows and events.”

Mark Turner, CEO & co-founder of Bud & Tender, the UK cannabis supplement company producing high quality CBD Cannabis Oil, comments:

“Less screen time! In the new year I want to put in place a disciplined allocation of time where I can switch off from work and focus purely on family and personal wellbeing. I’ll put measures in place to make sure I’m no longer answering emails after a certain time and weekends will be for wellbeing.“


Rebecca Oatley, Founder and Managing Director of Cherish PR, the boutique agency at the heart of the digital economy, comments: 

“2020 is going to be a very different year for the UK – fresh out of Europe, the UK will be negotiating and entering new trade deals with the world and potentially could begin a new era of national pride. With that said, my resolution is to help new businesses adapt and tailor their communications to wider agenda means that they begin and remain relevant, so that they stay in the minds and the hearts of their customers.”


Darren Tenney, CEO of XOOOX, the UK-wide ride-hailing app, comments:

“Make ride-hailing available to all – providing more choice, and unprecedented geographical coverage, to passengers than ever before – and in a safer, more environmentally-friendly way.”


Mario Coletti, Managing Director of Nextatlas, the AI-powered trends forecasting company, comments:

“In this new decade I want to encourage entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship across our team as a way to grow faster our offers and our client base. Also, it’s important to continue fostering any form of team diversity as a means to attract great talents and enhance the quality of our work. Another goal of mine is to massively reduce the number of flights I take over the next 12 months.”