Sytheon, the ‘Most Outstanding Personal Care R&D Company’ for 2021, has become a jewel in the crown of active ingredient
Cyber Security
Having been accredited as ‘2021's Leading Unified Threat Detection & Response Platform’ for the USA, Fidelis Cybersecurity is a dynamic
Business Security
Businesses are always looking for new ways of being secure, in order to protect property, product and staff. When it
Project management
Marvelution is a software company that simplifies Jenkins Integration in Jira and is predominantly focused on saving time for its
Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing has become a commonly used alternative to traditional advertising and a great way to increase brand awareness and
Entrepreneurs pull out all the stops when it comes to getting their businesses off the ground. The early days can
Having a sound transport system is vital to the operations of many, if not all, businesses. This has caused the
AI & Data
With the title of ‘Most Innovative AI & Data Science Start-up’ in 2021 for the region of Qatar under its
Technology-driven manufacturer
Adventech is the technology-driven manufacturer of the Maxeff Electric Motor Generator which can be built to the customer’s system’s needs
Recruitment Agencies
Starting up a recruitment company is not without its challenges. There are many hurdles you will encounter along the way,
Employee Engagement
The world has been through some crazy times recently. COVID, Russia's war with Ukraine as well as the added stress
Opening Event
To get a business in the service industry off to a flying start, you need to host an opening night