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Achieving your BestPossible – Profit Hawk.

Achieving your BestPossible - Profit Hawk

Achieving your BestPossible – Profit Hawk

20th October 2016


Software Technology and Innovation 2016

Profit Hawk is an enterprise optimisation system that provides a unique perspective to expose new profit opportunities and enable you to achieve your BestPossible. Andrew Bielat, the founder of Profit Hawk, explains about what BestPossible offers to business leaders.

Profit Hawk provides a unique, invaluable perspective for any leader. The system they use utilises the extensive financial and operational data sets most companies have developed, in new ways. The result is to expose the best profit the company can produce. The company identifies their BestPossible® profits.

BestPossible is the optimisation technology and software partner of Profit Hawk. Founded by Eugene Bryan, the purpose of BestPossible Solutions, Inc. is to help leaders and team members achieve their ‘BestPossible’. To advance the movement, BestPossible Solutions offers the knowledge, resources and technology necessary to reliably generate growth and optimize profits. This proven concept applies to companies of all sizes and any industry.

Andrew gives us an insight into what makes Profit Hawk so unique in the software and technology industry. “We have more than 60 years of decision-support modelling experience. We are a leadership decision support company described as having one of the first “Prescriptive Analytics” systems available. Profit Hawk is able to address multiple predictive outcomes so the business leader always has the optimal solution to achieve their BestPossible profit,” Andrew says.

“We have also been willing to take on the human factors involved in accepting this new perspective we provide. As a company, we would rather work hard to find the enlightened and motivated leaders than make a simple product that will never facilitate reaching for BestPossible performance.”

Profit Hawk abides by a rigorous client process which follows three phases. Andrew explains, “Our clients are primarily manufacturing and production companies such as metals and forest products. When dealing with clients, there are 30 days of data collection and model building, mostly from off-site. The second phase is a 30-day profit Opportunity Analysis using the system to analyse and identify the immediate growth opportunities and working with company leaders to validate input data supplied, along with the constraints or limiting factors identified in the process. Finally, deployment and hand-off of the system over the following four months to help institute best practices and achieve profit growth.”

The software and technology industry is a rapidly moving environment in which companies must ensure they are adapting to changes, as Andrew recognises.

“The software industry is continuing through a cycle of data production. There is a never-ending appetite for data which will continue for the near future. What is beginning to change is the realisation that data implosion is the solution, not data explosion. Leaders need meaning from the information that prescribes the best decisions, not more data and more effort put into trying to analyse it. 

“The design of our analytics allows for incomplete or “soft” data while providing far better guidance than most leaders have ever had. Decisions are made every hour of every day. Without consideration of the full context and capabilities, BestPossible profits cannot be achieved. Within the first few weeks of understanding the absolute potential of their companies, our clients are paying for the cost of the system with the enlightened decisions they are able to make.”

According to Andrew, Profit Hawk has learnt that business leaders are still being caught in a quandary when they are given a large amount of data. The problem is the isolation of decisions. With too much data, it can be difficult to fully comprehend a project. Decisions are made at each step or stage, in a “siloed” manner, without understand or regard of how these individualized decisions effect the optimum outcome.  BestPossible helps to identify unique, clear goals and track performance of profit growth.

“There is an expectation by market analysts, boards, and staff to have some magic ability to determine the right course of action. However, the complexity and sheer volume of data make it increasingly difficult to find the true potential of any operation. Unfortunately, this is only going to get worse as the data mass continues to grow exponentially.

“In order to be truly successful, today’s leader has to accept that the human brain is simply incapable of analysing the complexity of their business decisions. BestPossible starts with the realisation that if we keep trying to solve our problems with the same approach we used to get here we will never break through to our BestPossible potential. We recognise the human factors involved in technologies that operate at the strategic and tactical levels like Profit Hawk. Leaders have to be aware of their human limitations to accept the power of new perspectives to run their business.”

Profit Hawk always stays on top of the latest technology in the industry in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Andrew describes what the biggest technological challenge is for the company.

“We are constantly on the look-out for better visualisation tools to make the use of information even more intuitive. Our biggest challenge is to identify and present the complexity of how the system generates the solution in a simple and clear way so that business leaders can be confident in the plan it provides.”

Currently, Profit Hawk is in the process of forming a user’s group and setting up conferences to help their clients network and grow. We will be recognising the leaders that are breaking through the traditional decision making approaches and achieving new levels of success.


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