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Brandlective Communications: 7 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing.

It can be easy for businesses to do social media, but doing it well is a different story. Social media…

Brandlective Communications: 7 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

11th March 2016


It can be easy for businesses to do social media, but doing it well is a different story. Social media experts Brandlective Communications have offered their advice to help businesses implement effective strategies across all social media platforms.

There are many reasons as to why businesses should be using social media to promote their brand, and an ever increasing number of businesses are now realising the potential of enlisting a social media marketing strategy. With Facebook estimated to have a global user count of over 1 billion, and Twitter reporting 232 million monthly active users, social media has the potential to connect businesses with consumers from all over the world. However, this is only possible if businesses are using these platforms correctly and alarmingly, many businesses are not harnessing the full power of social media within their sales and marketing strategies.

Social media marketing experts Brandlective Communications are concerned that businesses may be significantly limiting their potential through these failings. Having an active presence can help a brand manage their online reputation, and keep track of what people are saying about them which is key not only to customer acquisition, but also conflict resolution and maintaining positive customer relationships. It can also help improve online visibility and allow a business to rank more favourably in search engines which again, can increase customer acquisition. However whilst social media can boost a brand’s reach, doing so requires time, effort and research to ensure the content that is being shared is engaging. Brandlective are not convinced that businesses are investing adequate resources into social media marketing.

To help businesses move forward and integrate social media into their marketing and sales, the firm have offered the following advice.

1. Make a strategy.

Businesses need to ask themselves what they want to achieve through social media, research customers and competitors, and put together a clear and precise plan.

2. Try a combination of things.

Different platforms work for different industries, businesses should try out a combination of platforms to identify where they get the most engagement.

3. Build Habits

Brands need to stand out online, which means content should be posted regularly. If businesses are struggling to find the time to do this, there are a range of subscription sites that allow content to be scheduled in advance.

4. Keep track of trends.

Social media is ever evolving and trends come and go. Businesses need to pay attention to what people are using and talking about.

5. Promote

Social media is a great platform for showcasing products and services, however it’s important to strike up a healthy balance and not bombard users with too much promotional content as it can be a big turn off for consumers.

6. Two Way Street

Businesses need to let customers have their say. Starting a conversation is fine, but hogging it is not.

7. Use your eyes

Consumers don’t have the time or the patience to read a constant barrage of text and this kind of content can be extremely off putting. Instead think visual. In addition to text and stories, brands should post photos and infographics.

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