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Brandlective Reveal How Social Media Has Evolved For Marketers.

The online marketing agency based in London Bridge has divulged how social media has developed, and highlighted the subsequent consequences…

Brandlective Reveal How Social Media Has Evolved For Marketers

15th January 2016


The online marketing agency based in London Bridge has divulged how social media has developed, and highlighted the subsequent consequences for practitioners.

In today’s digital environment the majority of brand-related conversations are now situated on social media channels, and as a result Brandlective warn that it has become increasingly important for marketers to understand the ever-changing social media etiquette and behaviour of users.

A clear example of the ever-changing social environment from 2015 was the transition of ‘nerd’ culture into the mainstream.

Brandlective argue that practitioners must now be active listeners, and act in a strategic, timely fashion to successfully monitor the changing social landscape. They believe that the rewards for doing so include the constant ability of reach boosting the prospect of establishing new markets and content opportunities.

Indeed, actively listening and understanding consumer conversations about brands will go a long way to minimizing risks on social media, and acts as a customer intelligence tool. Brandlective suggest that marketers can now tailor and adjust their approaches to content marketing and digital advertising based on their observations of audience behaviour on social networks.

Alongside providing the opportunity for brands to enhance their understanding of consumers, Brandlective reveal the importance of social media in marketing, and how its progression has provided new marketing opportunities:

Growing influence on SEO ranking

Brandlective Communications predict that social media’s growing influence on SEO ranking will only intensify in 2016, as they believe that the increase in the reach of social content – through sharing on Facebook and retweeting on Twitter – will not only generate brand visibility benefits on the networks, but also improve a brand’s overall SEO ranking. Due to this, Brandlective ensure that they consistently disseminate and repurpose quality content through social media networks in order to get the best possible SEO ranking for their clients.

Bringing consumers closer to brands:

Social media has assisted with the democratisation of information, and has put customers directly in contact with an abundance of companies and public figures that they might be interested in. It is evolving through increased functionality on platforms like Instagram, where brands can tap into the lifestyle of consumers. Brandlective suggest that the advancement of technology in digital marketing has had a major impact on the awareness and interest in healthy living, and the subsequent marketing possibilities on platforms like Instagram. As users becoming more accepting of widespread Internet advertising, they suggest brands now have the ability to unobtrusively interact with the user at many different moments of their daily lives.

Platform for brand awareness, viral potential:

Social media platforms like Twitter give companies the opportunity to engage in potentially highly viral conversations between themselves and their customers, which in turn can augment levels of brand awareness and discovery. The ability to go viral has been around for years, however companies still struggle to incorporate them into their marketing campaigns. Brandlective understand that whilst not all companies have the following online to kick-start a viral campaign, they should monitor them, as viral occurrences may contain hidden insights into the inner workings of digital commerce and the shifting change of consumer interests and behaviours.

Difficulties upholding brand image:

The vast progression of social media usage in the consumer decision-making process means it is a lot harder nowadays for businesses to uphold desired perceptions and brand image. Brandlective reason that brand managers are losing their previous controlled grip on the content and quality of information relating to their brand due to the amplification of communication between stakeholders. As a result, Brandlective ensure that the reputation management services and audits they provide enhance their client’s standing in online communities.

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