Don’t Make These Marketing Mistakes in 2016


Phoenix Premier Acquisitions believes that for a firm to avoid similar blunders of some of the world’s largest brands, it is important for a company to heavily research and ensure accountability to the brand’s message and any ambassadors it utilises. Brands that get their marketing campaigns right can expect a huge impact on long-term sales and acquisitions and can be the difference between an average year and a record breaking year.

On the flip side it is crucial to understand the implications and cost of a huge PR blunder and the lasting effects on a brand image and the consumer trust levels.  Phoenix Premier Acquisitions shares the year’s biggest PR Blunders:

1. Volkswagen Dieselgate – By abusing the consumers trust with profit in mind, VW have indefinitely placed their image under scrutiny.  The firm in September admitted to installing software to skew results that gauged a vehicle’s emission.  The discrepancy impacted almost 500,000 cars, and VW is still doing damage control in what has been dubbed one of the biggest auto industry scandals ever.

2. Subway: Worst spokesman fail ever? –  By offering his success story to the Subway brand it offered validation to the firm’s promise of delivering fast food that doesn’t impact the health conscious.  However, Jared Fogle drew attention to his personal life and his ability to be a positive ambassador for any brand when he was charged (and recently convicted) with possession of child pornography. Further damage to the brand comes from a franchise, claiming to have given the firm a heads up on Fogles’ personal social failings, so this will be a tough one for Subway to recover from.

3. Insider trading, daily fantasy sports style – By taking their brand down the route of disguising their gambling model it placed the firm under legal scrutiny.  However, what was more damaging to the brand was when it was exposed that a DraftKings employee won $350,000 playing on FanDuel. The sites have suspended such cross-pollination. The platforms have also been finding themselves restricted or banned in a growing number of states.  This could spell the end of the firm due to an untrustworthy brand image.

Phoenix Premier Acquisitions is a sales and event marketing firm based in Southampton. The firm specialises in creating, implementing and managing a range of engaging event marketing campaigns for some of the UK’s leading brands. Through specialised events and promotions the firm interact with customers one-on-one, taking the time to learn about each customer’s needs and values. This then allows the firm to deliver a highly personalised service, which drives customer loyalty and helps their clients to receive a high return on investment. The firm attribute their success to their strong brand, by offering a great service to customers, maintaining an exceptional customer experience whilst guaranteeing results. This is what sets the firm apart from its competitors.