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Federal Agency Leverages Innovators To Tackle Big Data.

Federal Agency Leverages Innovators To Tackle Big Data

Federal Agency Leverages Innovators To Tackle Big Data

31st October 2016


On Oct 21st 2016 the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), headed by Director Robert Cardillo, wrapped up a two-month public challenge with live capability demonstrations against real-time Big Data struggles federal, state and local agencies face. The agency specializes in making data discoverable geospatially and this challenge requires breaking the molds of traditional problem solving through lengthy and expensive acquisitions that often take too long to effectively tackle technology that changes before it can be integrated.

NGA leveraged its use of small business in the process by acquiring services from Blue Compass LLC an 8(a) from Vienna, VA that specializes in IT events, marketing, innovation and integration for federal agencies. “We were excited to be apart of an evolving approach to problem solving in the public sector. The 30+ teams that made it to evaluations in Stage 1 and 15 in Stage 2 presented compelling capabilities and inspirational talent,” according to Brian Vinci, Program Manager for Blue Compass.

Participants of the multi-stage challenge had the opportunity to present focused white papers, videos and ultimately a live demonstration in front of a panel of judges with on the spot Q&A. Events associated with the challenge included in-person tech talks and Q&A with senior engineers from the agency as well as developers from Blue Compass that assisted participants in preparation for their demonstrations.

Winners of the challenge were awarded a total of $35k for the Grand Prize winner, $25k for second place and $20k for third place with first stage winning teams totaling 15 each garnering $10k. NGA’s challenge and award structure attracted not only traditional federal contractors but academic institutions, private companies and individuals who by nature of the acquisitions process would never have had audience and an opportunity to share with an agency of this type.

Small companies stood just as good a chance of winning as big companies in this challenge, as Diffeo, a small start up, proved by taking the Grand Prize mixing big data search and discovery with useful tools for analysts to easily use with common software integrations. Notable 2nd and 3rd place winners Voyager Search and Keeper Technologies presented incredible technologies being made use of globally.

SOURCE Blue Compass LLC

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