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Full Range of CRO Services – SanaClis.

Full Range of CRO Services - SanaClis

Full Range of CRO Services – SanaClis

20th October 2016


Health Tech & Pharma Innovation Awards 2016

SanaClis is a contract research organization (CRO) which offers a comprehensive range of services to support the drug development process in the CEE region. The company was founded in 2000 and also provides customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution of clinical trial materials in EU, Ukraine, Georgia and Russia.

SanaClis is a Slovakian-headquartered, privately owned company which provides the whole range of CRO services for clinical trials across Central and Eastern Europe. Its services include clinical monitoring, project management, regulatory services, data management, pharmacovigilance, medical writing, statistics, IMP and CTS management, and IT solutions. SanaClis focuses on designing optimal project-specific country splits and teams. their aim is to offer the best possible “cost to quality” solution by using their own resources, own facilities and partnership synergies.

Managing Partner of the firm, Alexander Fetkovsky speaks to us about their clients and how SanaClis ensures they have the best possible service. “We are proud to have clients from the top ten big pharmaceutical companies as well as small and almost not known biotech companies. Our clients range in size and are based in Europe, the US, Asia, Israel and Japan.”

Alexander continues saying “Due to our proactive approach, we do our best to provide our clients with the services and solutions tailored to their needs. We truly believe that every client and project is unique and it requires the best project team, not only on the beginning of the project, but during the whole duration to manage it successfully. Our team acts promptly on clients’ requests according to proclaimed trial procedures along with observance of all effective international and local regulations.”

Technology can present an obstacle for the health industry as new products and services are released all the time. Alexander explains how Sanaclis has adapted to this issue, and what innovation they are most proud of.

“The biggest challenge to SanaClis along with other contract research organisations (CROs) is the growing demand of IT and technology within various spheres of the clinical trials industry. Currently, SanaClis heavily invests in a development of its own IT solutions for internal and clients’ needs. It is an additional value offered to our clients. In regards to our own innovation, SanaClis has developed and used our own software to control all warehouse operations. Our clients have direct access to stocks, movements and storage conditions free of charge.”

SanaClis recognises that by keeping up to date with technology is beneficial to the company and to clients. Developing trends in the industry are always at the forefront of the staffs minds at SanaClis.

“The best driver is the industry itself – critical analysis of business needs, customer expectations and industry trends. Also, political developments do play a role – opening a warehouse in Slovakia enables us to manage IMP sent into EU from/by non-EU manufacturers.”

There are many CROs which provide the whole range of services from regulatory services and clinical monitoring to statistical analysis. However, Alexander tells us what makes SanaClis stand out from the crowd.

“Almost all of CROs are incapable at managing IMP/CTS and as a result, they outsource it. SanaClis is a unique CRO with its own local warehouses. IMP/CTS management and classical CRO services are provided under one roof. This solution allows SanaClis to speed up the communication between the client and all involved CRO departments, which saves time and costs.”

In the future, Alexander believes that by continuing all their hard work, SanaClis can look forward to a bright and prosperous future.

“As a privately own company, SanaClis has no imperative to grow its business beyond potentially non-manageable rate or size. SanaClis is and would like to remain a reliable, professional and “easy-to-work-with” CRO. Due to this fact, SanaClis is carefully selecting its clients in the same way as the majority of sponsors do. Good communication between the sponsor and the CRO is crucial for continuous, successful collaborations.”

The Chief Executive of SanaClis – Dr. Natalia Fetkovska has joined the ranks of the winners of BW’s annual CEO Awards in recognition for her work in taking SanaClis to become the leading CRO in Central and Eastern Europe, and has recognised her for the company’s reliability and professionalism.

In 2012, SanaClis s.r.o. was rated positively by reputable business agency Creditreform and for 2013, 2014 was certified with the AA rating “High creditworthiness” by Bisnode rating agency. SanaClis has earned its place on Nice Insight’s survey of Top Ten lists of Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) for 2015, based on customer perceptions of quality.

This is the first time a Slovakian-headquartered CRO has finished among the leaders in CRO industry, reflecting intensive investments and quality assurance measures. In 2015, SanaClis was awarded with the CRO Leadership Award in the category Reliability. Moreover, in 2015 SanaClis was awarded for Excellence in Drug Development – Europe & Best for Clinical Trials 2015.


Company: SanaClis s.r.o.

Name: Alexander Fetkovsky

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: Stare Grunty 61, Bratislava, 841 04, Slovak Republic

Telephone: +421 918 116 271

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