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Hospital of the Future – Farrer Park

Health Tech & Pharma Innovation Awards 2016 – Patient Care

Hospital of the Future – Farrer Park

20th October 2016


Health Tech & Pharma Innovation Awards 2016 – Patient Care

Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore’s newest private healthcare service provider is an acute tertiary institution that represents innovation in hospital administration, incorporating the latest technology to support better decision making for better patient outcomes and shorter hospital stays.

Opened in March 2016, Farrer Park Hospital is sited within Singapore’s first, fully integrated healthcare and hospitality complex, called Connexion. Connexion houses the 220-bed Farrer Park Hospital which contains more than 300-accredited specialists, 18 operating rooms, a ten-floor specialist medical centre, along with a five-star hotel and spa.

Supported by approximately 600 hospital staff, specialists at Farrer Park Hospital provide a range of services, such as cardiology, oncology, orthopaedic surgery, gastroenterology and ophthalmology. A 24-hour emergency department provides for acute illnesses and the hospital has the most modern facilities for diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and clinical laboratories.

A strong advocate for preventive care, the hospital also houses HealthConnexion, a new health screening and preventive medicine initiative which offers customisable comprehensive solutions beyond the usual health assessment where one can look forward to more in-depth health assessments, personalised dietary and fitness advice to wellness activities with link-minded individuals.

Farrer Park Hospital was designed and built to be a hospital of the future, combining innovation in medical care and medical education. Integrating healthcare and hospitality under a single building, the spatial planning is unique and could be considered one of the most innovative designed developments around the region. To remain competitive, we focus on our core values of providing comfort, fairness and value for our stakeholders. In terms of value, we want to ensure that patients are offered the best care and service at an affordable fee.

Farrer Park Hospital embraces technology and improves medical care through state-of-the-art equipment that facilities telemedicine consulting services across the world. To create a conducive environment for medical professionals, the hospital’s 18 operating rooms are linked via fibre-optic connections to various locations through the Connexion complex, including the hospital’s education centre and lecture hall, teaching clinics and tutorial rooms as well as the hotel’s function rooms. Additionally, the hospital has state-of-the-art information technology which enables seamless and rapid flow of information between the admission services, inpatient areas, operating theatres, diagnostic and therapeutic centres, clinical laboratories and medical clinics.

The campus has all the fibre-optic cables and Internet Protocol core built in during construction. There are 8,300 data points within the complex. In terms of wireless connectivity, there are 650 Wi-Fi access points. Hence the whole building is actually a digital complex, integrating the hotel, hospital and medical centre. This digital communication is important to ensure seamless patient care and customer service.

Proud of our exemplary display of Farrer Park’s disruptive innovation we are the first and only hospital in Singapore to integrate its medical records with the electronic meal ordering system (EMOS). Acknowledged for its improvement to overall quality, safety and efficiency for patient meal orders, EMOS empowers patients to take charge of their meal selection through an interactive tablet in their suites. This unique system actively changes the way doctors, nutritionists and hospital kitchen communicate through the use of Information Technology and this cannot be realised without the strong IT infrastructure and a culture of innovation across the organisation.

Integrating patient’s medical records, only meals that are suitable for the patient’s diet will be available for selection. This also allows food portions to be personalised through adjustments by our in-house nutritionist, under doctor’s instructions and specially prepared by five-star award winning hotel chefs. The system abolished the need for nurses to facilitate meal orders, saving three man hours each day (30 minutes per meal for six meals every day) and allowing them more time to care for patients.

Compared to manual meal ordering, the new electronic system reduces the meal order errors from average eight per month to zero. This award winning system is testimony to service and clinical excellence within the organisation. And since official opening, we have won seven international and national awards.  We are ever motivated to continue raising the bar of the Farrer Park Experience through continuous trainings and inculcating the ‘Farrer Park Service Mind-set’ into our employees.

Our vision is for Farrer Park Hospital to be an award winning five-star hospital and at the top of the list for private healthcare seekers. The hospital hopes to be recognised for offering treatments for complex cases in a fair and affordable manner. We aim to attract more private patients from emerging markets such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh, who require specialised treatments.


Company: Farrer Park Hospital Pte Ltd

Email: [email protected]  

Web Address:


1 Farrer Park Station Road

#02-01 Connexion, Singapore 217562

Telephone: 65 6363 1818

Fax: 65 6295 2327

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