IBS Intelligence Launches the CedarIBS Fintech Index (CIFTI)


IBS Intelligence has launched an innovative service offering for the financial technologies marketplace, the CedarIBS FinTech Index (CIFTI). The CIFTI is a unique equity index comprising of selected FinTech companies from around the world, across 25 exchanges.

There are 4 key indexes that enable one to track performance CIFTI 50, CIFTI Large Cap, CIFTI Mid Cap and CIFTI Small Cap. Indexes are computed every 2 hours; and are comparable to all major indices such as S&P, Dow Jones, NASDAQ etc.

The CIFTI can be compared to other global indexes on a percentage change basis, as an indicator of the performance of this segment of companies compared to other global benchmarks.

Furthermore, IBS Intelligence allows users totrack over 140 FinTech companies across 25 stock exchanges globally; by looking at key stock metrics, P/E and Market Cap. Users can study the performance of a single stock or multiple stocks, collection of large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks, or benefit from a comparison of a stock against any of the major indices to see how a stock is performing relative to the overall market.

The CIFTI has been envisioned for the investors, board members, leadership teams and customers of FinTech companies and financial investors in the banking and private equity industry. In addition to the CIFTI, IBS Intelligence has insightful industry reports covering many of these companies.

Till date, there has been no single source globally for an instant review of stocks specific to the financial technologies marketplace. The CIFTI now provides this.

Mr. Sanjiv Anand, Chairman, Cedar Management Consulting International said, “This is an important milestone for Cedar and IBS Intelligence as we present financial companies with a first-ever global benchmark of FinTech companies. The CIFTI will be instrumental in tracking market trends and will offer a historical point of view to the performance of FinTech companies. This is yet another endeavour on behalf of IBS Intelligence to make it a one-stop shop for everything Fintech!”

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