ID Card Centre Helping the Education Sector Get Ahead With Student ID Card Printing for Enrolments


ID Card Centre has answered a plea for help from many of their customers within the education sector to help them with the busy and stressful enrolment period.

Each autumn universities and colleges have a new influx of 1000’s of students arriving on campus, merely days after enrolment has closed and courses assigned.  This generally allows just a matter of hours to print every single student ID card ready for collection on the first day of term.

Recognising that universities did not want to invest in purchasing lots of additional printers for just a few days a year, ID Card Centre have added to their rental offering to meet these needs.  Now stocking a wide range of ID Card printers covering different print and encoding processes to meet the unique needs of the user.

MD Ben O’Brien comments “Each year we are getting more and more requests for our rental printers as budgets are squeezed and our customers cannot afford to invest in their own equipment.  This year we have heavily invested in our rental stock, tripling what we had previously, so that we can meet our customer’s needs.  We also run a bureau service whereby we design and print the background of the ID cards ahead of time, this just leaves them to print the actual student data as soon as they have it, which saves them an incredible amount of time and also money.  Of course if they want us to manage the entire print operation then we can of course help with that too!”

Each printer is fully checked and cleaned before a rental and the firmware is upgraded ensuring that the customer simply needs to plug in, set up and start printing.

Consumables are offered on a use or return basis so any unopened printer ribbons and blank cards can be returned for a full refund.