MJ Experia Marketing Outline the Do’s and Don’ts For Entrepreneurs Under 25


With entrepreneurship fast becoming a great career opportunity for the under 25’s, MJ Experia Marketing share their tips to achieving success.

Entrepreneurial supporters MJ Experia Marketing are confident in the abilities of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. With the average age of start-up business owners decreasing each year, the firm believe the under 25s hold the key to tomorrow’s success. Entrepreneurs create businesses that hire people, this is crucial for the stability of the reduction in employment rates. The tax paid by entrepreneurs further contributes to the national income that is used to contribute to facilitating community services, i.e. the NHS and public services. Also entrepreneurs create demand for products which in turn creates jobs for other businesses, and allow other markets to mature. These key things are true to all entrepreneurs, but the key to young entrepreneurial success is the introduction of new technologies in the market, it’s their passion for improvement that encourages innovation.


Use Mistakes as Learning opportunities: Young entrepreneurs should relish the opportunity to build on their experience and develop new strategies that will become priceless for future business activity.

Take risks: Use age to an advantage. Young entrepreneurs have the luxury of time being on their side. Setbacks aren’t often the end of the road and innovation can make businesses a huge success.

Network/meet new people: In business it can be a case of ‘not what you know, but who’. Set aside time to meet new people with the mentality that everyone has something to teach.


Don’t care: Everyone will have an opinion. It’s important to have a thick skin and filter out some of the noise. Have confidence in the dream.

Don’t become complacent: Maintain momentum and taking care of the small details will maximise the chance of long-term success. Markets will change and it will be important to keep ahead of consumers’ needs to achieve sustainable success.

Don’t be impatient: Overnight success stories don’t ever show the days that rolled into nights, the many obstacles. The journey is all part of the process. Young entrepreneurs need to maintain the mind-set of wanting to improve and get better at everything.

Don’t pursue perfection: Make the product right for the market and maintain a realistic timeframe to ensure the moment isn’t lost.