Navman Wireless UK’s Innovative Launch Strategy


GPS Vehicle tracking technology leader Navman Wireless announced the launch of two new products, with a third major software innovation due later in the year.

It’s Navman Wireless’ first new product release since merging with Teletrac earlier this year to create one of the world’s largest fleet management providers.

“Combining forces has created an industry-leading R&D budget, which means more innovation and great products for both Navman Wireless and Teletrac customers,” said Scott Hutchins, VP sales UK &Ireland, Navman Wireless.

Hutchins revealed that a new vehicle tracking system was in the product cycle, led by a new app for commercial drivers called DRIVE paired with Adaptive Intelligence (AI), a Business-Intelligence-as-a-Service (BIaaS) tool designed for large commercial fleet businesses.

What is DRIVE and why is Navman Wireless launching it?

DRIVE is a pre-installed Android app for specific Garmin devices, which drivers can use to help them drive a truck or van efficiently, productively and safely.

The Navman Wireless Drive app combines fleet management, communication, navigation, dispatching, and documentation systems into one user-friendly driver interface, streamlining processes for drivers, dispatchers and the fleet. Its focus on driver and operational efficiency paves the way for automated tasks, safer roads and smoother communication.

“This is the single platform businesses have been waiting for to give them real-time updates on daily jobs and driver activity,” Hutchins said. “Drive not only empowers fleet vehicles to stay connected, focused, on time and safe, it also reduces exposure to risk and inefficiencies with distracted driving and manual paperwork. It is a multi-functional tool that can serve as part of a businesses’ fleet management solution.”

And what about this new business intelligence tool AI?

Adaptive Intelligence (AI), a cloud-based Business-Intelligence-as-a-Service (BIaaS) tool, is designed to help fleet companies, particularly larger Enterprise operations, turn data into true business intelligence, helping companies make more informed decisions that make their businesses run smarter.

The Navman Wireless AI tool, offers a reporting suite with more than 30 reporting options and multiple dashboard views allowing visibility into a variety of metrics, including fuel usage, driver activity, and service hours. By integrating with Navman Wireless’ GPS fleet tracking software, OnlineAVL2, as well as third-party business applications, AI captures data and processes complex information, relaying it in accessible formats, including a dedicated reporting suite, Microsoft Excel and other user-friendly reporting options. This helps managers’ view fleet information specific to their responsibilities and improve efficiency throughout an organisation.

“If managers can analyse trends, they can optimise their fleet’s behaviour. Adaptive Intelligence allows organisations to respond to collected data, ensuring constant improvement of their operations at a fraction of the cost of other business intelligence tools on the market,” Hutchins said. “Companies want to continuously review performance and improve. Adaptive Intelligence does the heavy lifting and allows managers to quickly identify issues and make sure they’re staying on track.

“The result for companies will be the ability to make decisions – of almost any kind – based on real-time data.  Companies want to continuously review performance and improve. Indeed, it is becoming clearer and clearer that to stay competitive, companies have to infuse data in just about every corner of their business.