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NESN Fuel will serve as the car enthusiast's home for everything automotive. Launches

19th February 2016

Image recently launched NESN Fuel, a new digital property focusing on automotive content. NESN Fuel will serve as the car enthusiast’s home for everything automotive, featuring both written and video content on an array of topics including:

Consumer Car Information 

  • Car industry news, new technology & innovations
  • Car buying tips & everyday advice for car owners
  • Previews of new models

Auto Racing 

  • NASCAR, Open Wheel Racing (Formula One, IndyCar) and other news

Car Culture 

  • Restorations, street modifications & other classic car news


  • Announcements and reviews on games, movies, TV shows & other entertainment related to cars

“The national success and growth of has given us confidence to expand our digital portfolio and expertise,” said Sean McGrail, NESN’s President and CEO. “We hope this site will be a one-stop destination for car enthusiasts, hobbyists and race fans.”

“We see NESN Fuel as a great opportunity to continue to grow NESN’s digital presence,” said Mike Hall, NESN’s Vice President of Digital. “Automotive fans are just as passionate about their favourite cars as sports fans are about their favourite teams. We plan to take what we have learned serving sports fans at and apply these lessons to serve car aficionados with NESN Fuel,” Hall added.

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