ON24 and Marketo Show Marketers How to Increase Lead Quality and Quantity


ON24, the global leader in webinar marketing solutions that drive demand generation and customer engagement, today announced “How to Use ON24 and Marketo to Increase Your Lead Quality and Quantity,” an upcoming Marketo Launchpoint webinar. Scheduled for March 25 at 10:00 a.m. PT, this hour-long webcast will show marketers how to improve lead quality by integrating ON24’s webinar marketing platform with Marketo and provide practical examples from Dropbox about putting this integration into action.

According to research from ON24 and Marketo, companies using marketing automation generate 53 percent more qualified leads than their competitors, and the average live webinar attracts more than 320 attendees. And, while web-browsing visitors spend only an average of 2.5 minutes on a company website, audiences spend an average of 56 minutes attending a live webinar.  Therefore, the business imperative for marketers is to leverage the high engagement and interactivity that webcasts deliver, as well as to rapidly identify, market to, and convert sales-ready leads with marketing automation platforms like Marketo.

ON24’s Tom Masotto, vice president of business development, will show the audience how to:

·         Identify the most engaged webinar attendees

·         Use ON24 and Marketo to improve lead quality and quantity

·         Increase the ROI of webinar programs

Erin Blaze, senior webinar marketing specialist for Marketo, will present actionable tips and best practices for integrating webcasts and marketing automation solutions, and Annie Carruth, marketing operations manager from Dropbox, will explain how Dropbox is using ON24 and Marketo to generate a higher number of qualified leads from its webinar programs.

“We’re excited about this webinar with Marketo and Dropbox, because driving leads, value and ROI from webcasts is what we’re all about,” commented Masotto. “Not only will this event offer tips for making the most of ON24’s integration with Marketo, but it will also provide some real-world, in-the-trenches advice and best practices to help achieve better business results.”