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Priority Software Releases V 17.2 With New API, Data Export Support Tools and Enhanced BPM.

Priority V 17.2 includes a number of functionality and UI enhancements to Priority's strong Business Logic layer.

Priority Software Releases V 17.2 With New API, Data Export Support Tools and Enhanced BPM

6th May 2016


Priority Software Ltd., a leading global provider of ERP solutions, today announced the release of Priority V 17.2, the latest version of its market-winning ERP software. The new version boasts robust system openness, interoperability and flexibility to optimize customers’ business performance. V 17.2 offers a new API to increase Priority ERP’s interface functionality, innovative data export support tools, Google Docs and Office 365, to transfer and share Priority files, Business Process Management (BPM) tools enhancements and other improvements.  

In response to customer requirements, V 17.2 enhancements include comprehensive REST API support. Having become the de-facto standard used for inter-connecting applications and programs via the web, the REST API is widely supported by all major programming languages, such as Java and C#. An integral part of V 17.2, the REST API simplifies component implementation and reduces the complexity of connector semantics. As a result, Priority users can seamlessly integrate to external software systems enabling them to simplify both read and write transactions enabling real-time and dynamic connectivity to virtually any other software on the market.

To further support system openness and flexibility, V 17.2 fully supports 1-click data export to Open Office and Office (Web Apps) Online, Google Docs and Office 365 which provides users with ability to generate custom, user-defined reports as predefined templates. These enhanced data export tools provide quick and efficient document sharing and transfer of key data within Priority effortlessly.

Priority V 17.2 includes a number of functionality and UI enhancements to Priority’s strong Business Logic layer that includes Business Process Management (BPM) tools, a dedicated Business Rules Generator and Data Generator. Priority Business logic layer is designed to empower users to create and manage business rules with minimal involvement from IT staff, these BPM tools support sophisticated and powerful rules to handle business workflow, policies and procedures efficiently. Further, V 17.2’s BPM tools easily integrate with existing IT assets.

“What really captured our attention was that Priority was so easy to use. It’s a great system with brilliant flexibility. Our operations, business processes and workflow are much more streamlined and many events that previously required manual input are now automated,” commented Andrea Lander, Administration Manager at Merley Paper Converters. As the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of receipt paper rolls, with a state-of-art print and design facility, Merley serve hundreds of independent and multiple retailers. They boast over 3 billion customer transactions, making them the #1 marketing and security receipt provider in the UK.

“As an ERP software provider, ongoing innovation is key. V 17.2’s new API opens the world to our customers, with a highly flexible and scalable system. Where a majority of today’s ERP systems are closed, Priority ERP delivers truly open business process functionality. It’s a real step forward in the evolution of ERP,” said Leor Barth, VP R&D of Priority Software.

According to Rob Bamforth, Principal Analyst, Business Communications at Quocirca, “ERP is not a new concept, but mobile and cloud computing have radically changed the way ERP needs to be used. The challenge is keeping ERP simple, consistent and interactive as business processes and teams become more distributed. This has driven the need for open solutions that can scale to meet organizations’ productivity demands, while delivering a simple, flexible and efficient user experience.”

Andres Richter, CEO of Priority Software, added, “We are pleased to continue to deliver the tools necessary for our customers to work independently and manage even the most challenging projects. Priority V 17.2 is a testament to our numerous enhancements with each and every release and to our longstanding commitment to making ERP easier.”

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