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Worldpay’s Pioneering Pricing Plans Allow Greater Flexibility for Britain’s Small Businesses.

SMEs can find the perfect payment plan to fit their business.

Worldpay’s Pioneering Pricing Plans Allow Greater Flexibility for Britain’s Small Businesses

29th April 2016


Worldpay has today unveiled a unique offering for the UK payments industry that will provide a greater range of payment pricing options, meaning SMEs can find the perfect payment plan to fit their business.

Taking inspiration from the mobile telephony industry, the UK’s number one payment provider has added ‘Pay As You Go’ and ‘Fixed Monthly’ card payment pricing plans giving Britain’s small businesses more flexibility, simplicity and choice for taking card payments.

Joining Worldpay’s current Standard plan, the two new payment plans will be available for both Point of Sale and eCommerce card payments. They come with additional optional ‘Bolt Ons’ providing small businesses access to Worldpay’s added value services such as Worldpay Benefits Club and My Business Dashboard which have been designed to help SMEs grow their businesses.

“Pay As You Go” is a flexible low-commitment option for small businesses or start-ups who may not necessarily know how they will transact. Perfect for the likes of seasonal businesses who don’t take payments all year round, the simple transaction fees are only charged when the customer makes a payment and there’s no fixed monthly commitment.

“Fixed Monthly” meanwhile is an option for established companies who are looking for peace of mind with inclusive transaction fees and terminal rental. With one monthly regular fixed fee, businesses can have a cost that gives both inclusive transactions and terminal rental.

The addition of the new plans comes after dialogue between Worldpay and small businesses across the UK which suggested that current pricing plans didn’t suit the needs of all businesses and that there was demand for greater simplicity around the costs of taking card payments. No two businesses are alike and the new plans allow businesses the freedom and flexibility to pick the option that best suits the needs of their business.

Dave Hobday, UK Managing Director Worldpay, said “We’re very excited to be unveiling this game changing proposition for the UK card payments market.

“By providing greater flexibility, simplicity and choice we want to open up the possibilities for small businesses to take card payments, regardless of the structure, size or maturity of their business, helping them grow by increasing the ways they can sell to their customers.

“By listening to SMEs we understand that payments can be complex. We’ve simplified this by replicating the language of the mobile telephony world to present customers with options that they’re already familiar with. This will help them get the right plan that ultimately meets the needs of their business.”

Worldpay “Pay As You Go” and “Fixed Monthly” will be rolling out in the UK over the next few weeks and will be fully live later in May. For more information on Worldpay services visit

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