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2017 Partner of Q1

Tripp Scott is a law firm that has been serving Florida for over 40 years. The firm remains committed to…

2017 Partner of Q1

15th September 2017


2017 Partner of Q1

Tripp Scott is a law firm that has been serving Florida for over 40 years. The firm remains committed to developing innovative approaches in our practice areas and to achieving timely and creative solutions. Matthew Zifrony discusses the services that the law firm provides.

Tripp Scott is a law firm that represents small to mid-size companies with respect to all of their legal needs. The firm has been providing legal services to its clients for more than 40 years. It has offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Boca Raton, FL and Tallahassee. Matthew talks us through the services that the firm specialises in, as well as discussing how it feels to have been named as 2017’s Partner of Q1.

“Tripp Scott specializes in all areas of law that affect a small to mid-size business, including but not limited to commercial real estate, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy, environmental law, estate planning and probate, finance and corporate law, commercial litigation, governmental affairs, guardianships, healthcare law, insurance law, labor and
employment law, and land use law.

“It is a great honour to be recognised as a leader in the industry. It shows that all of the hard work that we put in when representing our clients is paying off.”

Regarding his own role in the company, Matthew tells us what legal areas he specialises in. Noting his extensive experience at the company and the industry, Matthew has represented a number of associations, but his knowledge does not stop there.

“I’m a director at Tripp Scott and have worked at Tripp Scott for more than 26 years. I specialize in corporate law and commercial real estate while serving as an outside general counsel for some of my clients. Also, I represent a large number of condominiums and homeowner associations.”

The practice has various legal areas of expertise and Matthew lists these with regard to attracting potential new clients. Practicing in such an assortment of legal areas, the levels of expertise allow the frim to provide legal services to most small to mid-size companies. Following on from this, Matthew discusses the existing clients currently utilising the firm, as well as what the practice looks for in future clients.

“Tripp Scott’s various legal areas of expertise allows it to provide most if not all of the legal services that a small to mid-size company would need.

“As a company, our target client is a small to mid-size company – a company that is looking for excellent legal work without having to pay the legal fees that are charged by the larger law firms. The various legal areas of expertise that Tripp Scott has developed allows a company of that size to consolidate all of its legal needs into a single law firm.”

Acknowledging the work that staff at the firm do to make the firm so successful, Matthew says that the practice would not be able win an award unless it had excellent staff. Ranging from its administrative staff to its legal team, the firm relies on staff to serve as the backbone for the majority of the services that the practice provides.

“Tripp Scott would not have been able to win this type of an award unless it had an excellent staff. It relies on its staff to serve as the backbone for a lot of the legal services that Tripp Scott provides.”

Ultimately, Tripp Scott will look to expand its growing client base, capitalising on the success after winning this award. Representing small to mid-size companies, the firm provides a personal touch and comes at a much more affordable cost than most larger law firms, for the same service. Clients show a desire for more a personalized service, accessibility and responsiveness and this is the major factor that drives clients away from larger firms and towards firms such as Tripp Scott.


Company: Tripp Scott

Contact: Matthew Zifrony

Email: [email protected]

Address: 110 SE Sixth Street, Suite 1500, Fort Lauderdale, 33301, USA

Phone: 001 954 525 7500 Website:

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