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All About the People.

XVenture are experts in the team, leadership and personal development space, working with great organisations around the globe to lift…

All About the People

27th October 2017


All About the People

XVenture are experts in the team, leadership and personal development space, working with great organisations around the globe to lift the ceiling on thinking. We profile the firm as we look to find out what services it offers and what makes it successful.

Xventure create and deliver an experientially based leadership team program at Australia’s number 1 MBA school and an innovative new program focused on EQ and Resilience development in high school students. The company’s work is also hugely successful in both the elite sport and corporate world, working with a variety of different sports teams.

A customer first based philosophy, Xventure and the team believe it is about people, it is all about people. Staff are truly passionate about their customers and the service that they provide, believing that true success and progress comes from taking a risk together. Every product and every service ever created has always had an idea which has been driven by people. XVenture are no different and they believe both internally, and externally, in bring people close together to achieve shared goals and dreams.

Experiences which are memorable are more likely to deliver returning clients, and when clients work with XVenture, the experience can help clients unearth individual purpose and its synergy with organisational purpose, which can also embed a major cultural change, and gain commitment to new strategic directions. The experience
brings greater efficiency and effectiveness, and can be used as a way of incentivising key staff. Whatever the case, there will be a long-lasting change for clients, but a positive one.

Key to any company’s success, the firm talk to the client from inception. Taking time to understand what the client wants, it is just a conversation, not a sales pitch. Sitting down with clients and really understanding what their requirements are is vital to the firm’s success, and as emphasised throughout the company culture, the company comes first. Face-to-face interviews and discussions are a good way to bring the best business, and when it is with the client, it is a two-way conversation.

The first XVenture Corporate Challenge TV show was created by the XVenture team, inspired by a belief that organisational success and prosperity is achieved by people having the right environment to work and learn together with belief, passion, creativity and fun. This global first was broadcast in 2011 nationally by One HD, Sky Business and throughout Asia via the ABC Asia Network.

A wide variety of Australia’s prominent companies participated in the nationally televised series of ‘XVenture Corporate Challenge, Cairns’, and demonstrated to Australia that people are the heart of their organisations, and that in order to be successful an organisation’s focus should be people, not product.

Essentially, the XVenture Challenge is a world class program, setting the standard for experiential learning. Built to test every dimension of business life; every decision, every skill, every sense and behaviour needed within a team environment, delivered both indoors and outdoors. Customers enjoy the experience and return to the business to receive the highest quality standard of service that they expect and received. Client who experience the program are alsoo changed forever and realise that every mistake is learning for the future, a key factor and vision of XVenture; an enjoyable experience in which people can learn.

Ultimately, XVenture is committed to delivering, and the best of experiential shared learning. The state of the art team and leadership solutions and content are all delivered with the utmost quality, plus, documented learning throughout and delivered back into the organization, teaching clients and staff. The experience is fundamentally, an engaging, highly innovative and completely immersive experience.

Company: Xventure

Contact: Daniel Kraus

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1/385/389 Pacific Highway, Crow’s Nest, 2065, Australia

Phone: 0061 414 191 005


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