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At the Height of Success.

Perform Air International Inc. is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and China Aviation Administration of…

At the Height of Success

26th July 2017


At the Height of Success

Perform Air International Inc. is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and China Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) certificated aircraft component repair station. As the 2017 Large Cap Top 50 – USA Winner, we took the opportunity to interview the firm’s Cindy McGowan to find out more.

Perform Air International Inc. provide aircraft component repairs to some of the largest airlines in the world, with component types ranging from hydraulics, electro-mechanical and pneumatic to waste and water. An average of 350 components a week are shipped to Perform Air, from around the globe and repaired or overhauled in 10 days or less, ensuring minimal operational disruption for their customers.
The firm’s Cindy McGowan reveals how Perform Air International Operates the specific four objectives of the ‘Diamond Excellence Standard’ and how it feels to be the 2017 Large Cap Top 50 – USA Winner.

“All employees at Perform Air International Inc. are committed to customer satisfaction. This is achieved by providing excellent customer service, at the best possible price, and turn times, without compromising quality.

“The meeting of employee needs, customer requirements, organisation standards and the regulatory requirements of the agencies, which regulate the aviation industry, are the highest priorities of Perform Air International Inc.’s management. We call this the ‘Diamond Excellence Standard’. The Diamond Excellence Award is for those individuals or partner companies who consistently achieve the highest level of excellence, related to the Perform Air International Inc. quality standard.

“I have worked hard to break barriers and overcome many obstacles within the male dominated aviation industry, to lead Perform Air International Inc. to its current strong position, so I am honoured to be chosen for this 2017 Large Cap Top 50 – USA award.”
Cindy then explains to what extent she thinks that an ever-increasing number of women are joining boardrooms across the region and the implications of this.

“In the aviation/aerospace world, there is still a substantial disparity between the number of women and men involved in any aspect of our industry. Women only make up 2.4% of all aircraft technicians and 4.2% of all airline pilots, so the percentages decrease within management ranks. While the numbers have been improving, more still needs to be done to promote our industry to young women.

“I do believe that business does benefit from a balanced workforce. Diversity is integral to achieving Perform Air International’s goal of ensuring safe and efficient aircraft component repair for all domestic and international air carriers.”

Cindy turns the conversation to her own role as an influential and successful woman and something of the career path she has carved out for herself.

“Early on in my career, I was lucky enough in the corporate world to have a female executive as a mentor. She was not part of my division or workgroup, but someone who provided me with advice, guidance and knowledge.

“Today, I feel it is important to be a mentor for my executive team, to provide them with guidance, advice and knowledge to better prepare them for advancement which in turn benefits not only the individual but also the organisation.

“The only way this can be accomplished is to establish trust early on with new employees, ensure you are doing the right thing and handling those early opportunities with importance, then pay it forward by proving junior and senior employees with mentorship moments.”
Cindy then underlines the role that staff play in the success of the firm, plus opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

“Our people are our strength, and we take great care in investing in and valuing them as such. Most importantly, Perform Air International Inc. employees are proactive, not reactive. They take part actively in meetings, contribute ideas, and get involved in the work. Employees who are used to sitting on the side lines, while others get involved generally do not do well in our organisation. They’ll need training and coaching from mentors, leads, and peers if they are going to become strong members of our team.

“As the aviation industry continues to grow and more aircraft enter into operation; Perform Air International Inc. is currently experiencing a new growth cycle. With this, comes requirements to expand infrastructure and headcount. As with any growth process, this must be managed and controlled, to ensure there are no operational disruptions or growing pains that are relayed to our customers.”

In closing, Cindy is keen to explore the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the wider industry.

“Women have been involved in aviation since its earliest days. From E. Lillian Todd, who designed and built aircraft in 1906 to Helen Richey, who became the first woman pilot for a U.S. commercial airline in 1934, women have assumed a variety of roles in the industry. At the close of the 20th century, astronaut Eileen Collins became the first female space shuttle commander.

“During the last two decades, the number of women involved in the aviation industry has steadily increased and they can be found in nearly every aviation occupation today. However, the numbers are small when compared to that of their male counterparts.

“Unfortunately, the total numbers of individuals entering the aviation industry is in a steady decline. As the total numbers of male and female pilots, engineers and technicians decrease, finding qualified individuals to repair aircraft components will become increasingly difficult. More must be done to promote aviation, science, math and engineering to young people as a means of motivating them or inspiring them to enter our industry.”

Company: Perform Air International

Name: Cindy McGowan

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Telephone: +1 480 610 3500

Categories: Articles, Tech

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