Attract. Convert. Close. Delight.


Attract. Convert. Close. Delight.

Prism Global Marketing Solutions (Prism) is an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Platinum Partner. We spoke to Elyse Flynn Meyer, President & Founder, as we explore the secrets behind the company’s success, as well as discussing being named in 2017 Creative Awards and 2017’s Marketing Consultants of the Year – USA.

Prism focuses on the entire inbound marketing, sales and customer experience journey to help their clients optimize all aspects of their marketing and sales funnel. The company primarily works with mid-level to enterprise healthcare and technology companies around the globe. Elyse tells us what she believes differentiates Prism from other similar firms, and what the team does to make itself the best possible option for its clients.

“Prism Global Marketing Solutions is a boutique, familyowned HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner focusing entirely on inbound marketing, sales and the customer experience. With an expertise and dedicated focus on inbound marketing, we deliver exceptional results and improved efficiencies to our clients ensuring success of their individual campaigns and integrated marketing and sales funnel.”

Following up from making clients’ campaigns a success, Elyse discusses the ongoing strategy of the firm, telling us about the company itself and what key principles that staff members adhere to in order to stay ahead of the curve. The customer is put first, as Elyse alludes to, with Prism’s success being measured on the success of the client, increased efficiencies, and constant focus on ROI and revenue goals.

“Customer experience and customer success are our two main guiding principles. We truly believe that when the customer succeeds, everyone succeeds. Also, we have built our agency around the customer experience to ensure our clients always have a personalized experience with our team, transparency into projects and analytics, and an ongoing open dialogue to celebrate successes and discuss potential areas for opportunity.”

Elyse spoke with us about one particular success story that stands out in the firm’s history, and the results of the campaign reflect the hard work and dedication put in by the staff at Prism. Critical in today’s environment is the ability of sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity, due to the fast moving and continuously interconnected business environment. Elyse discusses how integrating marketing and sales has truly helped her clients succeed.

“Often, marketing and sales are not aligned, and when that happens, it causes a disconnect in the marketing efforts and how that ties back to revenue. To help our clients with this, we also focus on the concept of sales enablement, which is the technology, processes, and content that empower sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher rate. For many of our clients, we focus on both the marketing and sales side of the funnel because both are equally important and very much interconnected. One of our clients wanted to take sales enablement a step further, so we implemented a sales software platform that aligned with their marketing platform to give sales the ability to easily share marketing content, enroll prospects in marketing campaigns, and tie directly back to marketing automation and potential revenue.

In three months, the results were as follows: a 31.5% conversion from opportunity to customer, plus a 48% average email open rate and 15% average email click through rate for these prospects as they get highly targeted and personalized content and 75 new customers acquired. For a B2B audience, these are very high numbers and helped to track marketing progress and align that to sales efforts. Moreover, there were reduced costs and increased speed by utilizing software and strategic partners to optimize the process.” Working within the fast-paced industry, Elyse comments on what techniques Prism employs to stay ahead of emerging developments, before going on to predict what key development she foresees within the wider market. Elyse signs off by explaining how Prism will adapt around these developments.

“Looking to the future, we always continue learning and growing. I believe that continually learning is the key to success to stay on top of trends in your industry to ensure that as technologies start to align, you are at the forefront of those trends. For Prism Global Marketing Solutions, we focus on obtaining marketing certifications from a variety of reputable organizations to help get a full understanding of changes and trends in the industry. In addition to that, each year, every member of our team participates in a more holistic executive education program. I feel this is critical to understand how marketing and sales is part of the overall business, and how that is continually growing and evolving.

Ultimately, marketing, sales, and the customer experience are going to continue to become more interconnected. As marketing automation and personalization continues to drive how businesses and departments function, these three groups are becoming integrated, which is a welcome change to the overall customer experience. With it, comes a more defined marketing automation strategy and content marketing strategy to ensure prospect and customer communications are well thought out and implemented, ensuring a consistent experience for your customers.

In order to focus on these changes, our firm is starting to build the three journeys for marketing, sales and customer experience from the beginning of our engagements with clients. It is much more beneficial to build these journeys at the beginning of utilizing marketing automation, or bringing on a new partner, than trying to integrate it later in your marketing efforts. To do this, we are also focusing on the best software tools that will integrate all facets of our clients’ businesses to ensure analytics and customer information are easily accessible by all departments.”


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