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Award Winning Law Firm Who Specializes in Swiss Business Law.

Wilhelm Avocats Ltd is a law firm specialized in Swiss business law. Organized in the form of a company, the…

Award Winning Law Firm Who Specializes in Swiss Business Law

8th September 2017


Award Winning Law Firm Who Specializes in Swiss Business Law

Wilhelm Avocats Ltd is a law firm specialized in Swiss business law. Organized in the form of a company, the firm is composed of a team of eight experienced lawyers and advises clients in Switzerland and worldwide in the fields of commercial, contract, labour, financial and IP law, as well as debt collection and bankruptcies.

Wilhelm Avocats Ltd – which operates in several foreign languages – is recommended by the Chambers and Legal 500 website, as well as being recognized by the peer experts of Best Lawyers of Switzerland 2017 in the field of Corporate law. The firm was also awarded the “International Law Office Client Choice Award 2011” prize in the category of company law for Switzerland.

Founder of the firm, Christophe Wilhelm, who has now more than 25 years of legal practice, was awarded a Juris Doctor title from the University of Lausanne Law School, has an LL.M. (class of ’95) from the University of Michigan Law School, and has been a lecturer at the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland since 2011. He is a TEP practitioner.

Wilhelm Avocats is foremost keen on helping Swiss and international companies choose the best legal options for their businesses in Switzerland.

In commercial law, the firm can typically advise clients on the choice of the appropriate form for their company. The lawyers also help companies draw regulations, increase their capital or guide them through a merger. They are also familiar with drafting shareholder’s agreements.
When undertaking a new project, Wilhelm Avocats always aims for efficiency, professional confidentiality and balanced costs. Favouring a straightforward pragmatic approach of solving issues, while considering cost optimisation for their clients.

In order to find the most suitable legal solution, the attorneys will first draw up a strategy together with the client. Regarding court proceedings, the client will always be provided with sufficient information about the duration and cost of engaging in such legal actions, and will be duly advised on the risks and benefits of such procedures.

Wilhelm Avocats primarily aims for clients’ satisfaction, while keeping in mind all the potential consequences of a trial.

What makes the firm stand out from its competitors is its straightforward and responsive approach of the clients concerns, its wide field of competence, its considerable experience in both ordinary and arbitration proceedings, as well as its experience with transnational situations. Indeed, arbitration is recommended in complex disputes with foreign companies, which is often the case in Switzerland.

Moreover, all eight attorneys are fluent in several languages and some of them are active in Canada and Brazil, which gives the firm an international point of view and cross-border expertise.
Swiss business law can sometimes drastically vary from the rule of law of neighbouring countries. For clients who are not familiar with its specifics, there is a risk for example of a poorly drafted contract or an inaccurate company statutes, which can later have a considerable financial impact. Having such legal documents drafted by Wilhelm Avocats will save you that trouble and ensure a favourable conduct of business.

Furthermore, since many interests converge in the management of a company (those of the shareholders, managers, employees and investors), Wilhelm Avocats knows how to advocate its client’s position. Also, labour law relies upon local practices, which means that hiring a Swiss lawyer is therefore essential to make sure that the activity of a foreign business complies with Swiss law.

As the number of lawyers is constantly increasing in Switzerland, Wilhelm Avocats focuses above all on their relationship with the client rather than multiplying its operations.
“Our important client-base allows us to adopt a more straightforward approach as we are convinced that a satisfied client is a more valuable asset than a never-ending trial”.
To stay ahead of emerging developments and in order to provide clients with the best possible service, Christophe and his staff make sure to acquire up-to-date knowledge in their specific fields, especially regarding the latest case law and doctrine, as well as by thoroughly following legal seminars.

Furthermore, the firm aspires to be more pragmatic, economically oriented and open to international issues, than most of their colleagues in the Western part of Switzerland.

Wilhelm Avocats also wishes to be an attractive and balanced place of work. The firm tends to hire people who share the same common values of quality, client service and efficiency. It also values the individual aspirations of each lawyer and encourages them to be highly specialized in their fields of work. The team is highly responsive and has correspondents all over the world to ensure the most suitable collaborations.

In the future, since more and more foreign businesses are setting up or conducting business in Switzerland, Wilhelm Avocats plans to work more closely with foreign clients, especially from the UK.

In addition, the firm creating a new pool of highly qualified lawyers in public law.
In this way, Wilhelm Avocats is extending its activities to fields such as administrative law, construction and estate law, mutual administrative assistance, as well as public procurements.
Also, the team aims to maintain a responsive website, containing relevant legal information and publications in relation to cases handled by the film. It will also follow and comment on new regulations and laws.

Since new technologies are also becoming ubiquitous in the legal field, for example with the creation of legal browsers and virtual assistants, Wilhelm Avocats intends to be up to date with such technologies and to implement them in their work, if they prove to be more efficient for some specific tasks.

It is obvious that more and more websites are offering online legal advice. Even if a website can be an efficient tool to establish a contact between clients and their future lawyers, there are no predefined answers and the team wishes to always hand out accurate legal opinions based on specific cases.

A law firm must provide high quality legal services which are adapted to the client’s needs and each case’s particularities. Therefore, the team strongly believes that human skills are irreplaceable and that they need to be valued and encouraged.

Contact: Christophe Wilhelm, attorney-at-law

Email: [email protected]

Company: Wilhelm Avocats

Address: Avenue de Rumine 13, PO Box 7781 1005 Lausanne, Switzerland

Phone Number: +41 21 711 71 00


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