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Veriphy offers a range of online checks on people and organisations, through a single login. Following their inclusion in the 2017 SoftTech 100 Awards, we interviewed the firm’s Director, George Ford to learn more. 

Veriphy offers a range of online checks on people and organisations through a single login. These include anti-money laundering checks, international identity checks and a range of business reports across many territories.

The firm’s Director, George Ford reveals the company’s mission and what sets them apart in the valuable work they do.

“Our mission is to put critical information in front of our clients in the very simplest way – as busy professionals should not have to ‘learn’ how to do these checks – they should be as intuitive as possible. If we get a query from a client, we examine closely why it wasn’t crystal clear and then engineer that out of the system.

“We do not put barriers in the way of our clients, such as sign up fees, monthly membership fees, upfront costs or minimum use policies. Our clients can start using our service is immediately, so they know that they will be treated fairly and not be hit with hidden costs.”
George then directs the conversation towards how it feels to be selected in the 2017 SoftTech 100 Awards.

“We are extremely pleased to have received this award, in what will be a very exciting year for us, as there is going to be an update to the anti-money laundering regulations for the first time in a decade.

“Being chosen as one of the top 100 firms – is an excellent confirmation that our approach to business and development is right – and that we should keep on our chosen path. Receiving the award is further confirmation to new and potential clients, that they are making the right choice and are in safe hands.”

George then underlines the challenges facing the wider industry, how they stay ahead of emerging developments plus something of the firm’s internal culture.
“Our industry has to adapt constantly both to the demands of legislation and to the handling of data in a secure framework.

“To stay ahead of emerging developments, I believe it is
essential to have strong research in place, both within our client base and externally. This ensures that the products we offer are the best of breed and that we use only high quality data.”

“The internal culture within Veriphy – is that we never fall in love with what we do and how it is done – that only blinds companies to new opportunities and areas that can and should be improved upon.”

In closing, George highlights what the future holds for the firm and the wider industry challenges they are facing.

“Having launched in the UK we now have our eyes on overseas markets where many of our offerings would greatly help companies both meet their
statutory obligations but would also make their client onboarding more streamlined and a smoother experience for their new customers.

“The main developments in our industry are the up and coming changes in legislation and the constant shift in the types of data available. “

Company: Veriphy Ltd.

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