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Commercial Real Estate: It is as Simple as That..

Rentschler/Tursi, LLP (R/T) is a boutique law firm specialising in commercial real estate, including brokerage, leasing, sales, and litigation. We…

Commercial Real Estate: It is as Simple as That.

22nd December 2017


Rentschler/Tursi, LLP (R/T) is a boutique law firm specializing in commercial real estate, including brokerage, leasing, sales, and litigation. We spoke to Judi Rentschler as we look to find out a bit more about the company and the services it provides.

Within the legal industry, R/T’s typical client is either a small business owner who is ready to sign a lease or buy a building for their business; or a small to mid-level investor who owns, leases or is selling incomeproducing property. Additionally, the legal team also might work with a commercial real estate broker or agent seeking advice real estate licensing law, a difficult transaction, or a dispute.

Unique in many cases, R/T boasts many decades of experience, and has first-hand of experience of seeing how many ways a deal can turn sour, and possesses an individual perspective in which the team can recognise and prevent potential problems, and this is the firm’s niche. Few real estate lawyers in the Bay Area know real estate brokerage law, and what happens when a contract is poorly drawn. This is where R/T excels as they know the industry inside out, and also are familiar with how to try a case if things do go wrong. Clients can work with the practice knowing they are better protected and that the team can spot potential issues quickly, as well as coming up with solutions before they get in trouble.

Judi outlines her role and key responsibilities to us, going into detail about how long she has been at R/T and what targets she has set the practice. She talks about management and how her aspirations are always to help their clients and reward them with justice.

“In 1996, I opened the firm after 10 years as a personal injury trial lawyer, and 10 working in-house for CBRE as a commercial trial lawyer. Yes, it is what I aspired to do, and I chose law to help people, looking to understand the laws that impact their real estate investments, and to navigate what for many is the largest financial commitment they have ever made.

“As the head of a small firm, I handle the management, personnel, library, administrative and accounting work. As per the legal work, while all of us work on leasing, sales, and disputes, I handle all of our clients’ business – formation legal work, financing documentation, and complex transactions.”

Referring to how she manages her staff and ensures they are well placed to provide the best service to their clients, Judi explains that there is a real family culture within the practice. She
provides us with an overview of the key principles which staff adhere to, whilst making it clear that staff should be allowed to balance their work life with their personal life.

“Essentially, our team is like family, and I treat them with the trust and respect they have earned. My and my team’s key principles include; taking the time to make sure that the directions are clear and certain, articulate expectations, and hold employees accountable. The most important principle is to have a life, and enjoy your family! Work hard when you are at work, but do not let it consume you.”

Discussing the current trends within the industry, Judi mentions how the firm must stay ahead of developments as the business can be affected in a great way. She alludes to the Great Recession and how the industry has gone full circle, as well as the advice of R/T which has to adapt with each growing trend, particularly in relation to technology.

“Industry trends impact our business a great deal. For example, during the Great Recession, we saw contraction in retail outlets (shopping centres, malls), with tenants in default on their rent; hence we often advised our landlord clients to cut the tenant some slack so he would still in business when the worst is over. Now, in the Bay Area, it is a landlord’s market again, and our advice has to change with the times.

“Furthermore, I think it is vital to keep up with the technology that will help make us better and more productive lawyers, providing access to data and legal resources online, time management and billing, and all other requirements.”

Regarding the challenges that women themselves face in the courtroom, Judi talks about her personal experience, referencing the huge divide in men over women, and how she and other women have worked hard to overcome gender bias and be treated equally.

“In reality, the biggest challenge has been gender bias in the courtroom. For 10 years, I was the only woman lawyer in a prestigious trial firm. On Mondays, when courts called all cases set for trial, of all the milling lawyers, there were about 49 men to one woman. This is often a challenge, as there was not much support for women to rely on, and the attitude towards women led to some feeling marginalised.

“However, to disprove the bias and stereotype, I did my job and tried cases, big ones, long ones, complex ones, and found that juries did not hate me for being a woman or an advocate, and I won (and lost) just as often as did the men.”

In her concluding comments, Judi finalises what makes her law firm so attractive to clients, and why return clients and business through word of mouth will help the company to succeed in the real estate and legal industry.

“Ultimately, we stay up to date on the law by reviewing each day’s advance sheets (daily opinions) and industry resources, and whenever a new case, law or regulation impacts our business or that of our clients, we make sure that all of our forms and resources are current and reflect the latest trends in the field. I meet and talk often with real estate brokers about trends and needs. Moving forwards, both myself and the rest of the team will work hard to continue to support my clients in all their real estate endeavours.”  

Company: Rentschler/Tursi LLP

Contact: Judi Rentschler

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: 411 Borel Ave # 510, San Mateo, California, CA 94402, USA

Phone: +1 650-524-1980


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