Complete Sales and Service Satisfaction


Complete Sales and Service Satisfaction

Spitfire Network Services Ltd is a multi-award winning telecoms and internet solutions provider for businesses. As the exclusive winner of the 2017 SoftTech 100 Awards – United Kingdom category, we interviewed the company’s HR & Marketing Director, Susie Ward to find out more.

Spitfire Network Services Ltd manages network solutions and services for over 3500 customers, as well as partnering with 400 IT companies, who have chosen to enhance their services with this company’s product suite. UK based, with offices in London and the Midlands, they specialise in telecommunication and IP Engineering services for SMEs.

The company’s HR & Marketing Director, Susie Ward provides a brief introduction to the company, explains how their highly-trained staff approach customers and reveals their overall mission.

“The company’s portfolio can be broken down into four main areas: business Internet and data; voice telecommunications; IP engineering solutions tailor-made for every customer; as well as supporting it all with awardwinning support solutions, offering industry leading SLAs across our full range of services.

“Spitfire takes a consultative approach to all projects, with the aim of understanding the customers’ business drivers, with regards to their connectivity requirements. The firm’s overriding motto of customer application and network needs (CANN), both underpin all the solutions we offer. All our sales consultants receive over 500 hours of technology and industry training as a minimum and they will also have passed the CISCO CCENT exam, ensuring their complete competence and understanding of networking technologies. This means they can meaningfully undertake a full review of the requirements, as well as suggesting the most effective solutions to the customer.

“Spitfire strives to provide its customers with a complete standard of service and care, unsurpassed by any other communications provider. Spitfire provides IP engineering solutions and services to help customers achieve their business goals, providing complete sales and service satisfaction, whilst reducing their costs and helping them to maximise profits. As one of the first providers of business broadband in the UK, Spitfire have continually invested in its products, services and employees to ensure we stay ahead in today’s fast-changing technology arena.”

Susie then explains what differentiates the company from their competitors, plus her reflections on being an exclusive United Kingdom winner, as part of the 2017 SoftTech 100 Awards.

“We aim to listen, understand and sell our customers the best options available, to meet their requirements. To achieve this, we offer one of the widest ranges of business internet connections on the market, to ensure customers have access to a full portfolio of services to fit their business requirements.

“Spitfire is delighted to have been nominated for this award. SoftTech is a leader in their field for providing comprehensive and reliable information to key decision-makers. Spitfire shares your ethos, of staying at the cutting edge in an ever-changing field and striving to provide the best service possible. The rigorous criteria you use to
select your winner will highlight Spitfire’s keys strengths and areas, in which we outperform our competitors.

“We are extremely proud to have been nominated and take great pride in the fact that our company has been recognised. Since the firm’s dawn in 1988, to still be a leader in the field after nearly thirty years, is testament to our drive to be the very best in the industry.”
Susie then directs the conversation towards the current challenges the company faces, why it is important to keep an eye on industry developments and the importance of investing in their treasured and valued staff.

“There are always challenges – the speed at which technology changes and moves forward is what makes this industry exciting. Spitfire enjoys helping customers set up and grow, so of course we need a buoyant economy to encourage business start- up, growth and innovation.

“At Spitfire, we continually invest in our staff to ensure they provide the best possible customer experience. We like to grow our own from within. Our extensive graduate sales and support training, coupled with continuous staff development opportunities, ensure that employees are best placed to provide customers with the solutions they require. We encourage all our employees to undertake industry acknowledged exams and accreditations, fullyfunded by the company, so their technical knowledge really is the very best in the industry.”

To wrap things up, Susie underlines what the future holds for the company plus the very helpful series of TechTalks on YouTube that have been made available.

“Spitfire see businesses adopting a mix of on-premises and cloud applications, expecting the two to work seamlessly together. Business applications are increasingly developed, assuming unlimited bandwidth between any two endpoints, with little regard for how they are hosted. Managing applications over public and private networks, will increasingly need skilled IP engineering services, to guarantee quality of service on an application by application basis. To meet this need, Spitfire is constantly improving our IP engineering skills base, to ensure that everyone in the company from sales people to support engineers understand that it is the applications that drive the underlying network requirements.

“Educationally, Spitfire has produced a series of TechTalks on YouTube under Spitfire Network Services (Click Here), alongside white papers (Click Here ), including the importance of choosing the correct service to carry voice calls, to ensure that your business is fully proofed.”

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