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Dressed to Kill.

Vestirarte S.L.U is part of a group of trading companies of textile products and accessories. Included as the 2017 Finest…

Dressed to Kill

25th September 2017


Dressed to Kill

Vestirarte S.L.U is part of a group of trading companies of textile products and accessories. Included as the 2017 Finest Spanish Enterprise, within the Spanish Enterprise Awards, we spoke to the firm’s Carlos Caridad to find out more about their clothing and accessory products. 

VESTIRARTE is part of a group of trading companies of textile products and accessories:

• Sociedad Española de Pintores Noveles, S.L.: Production and control of brands;

• Artenmoda by Fashion, S.L.U.: Exclusive art work;

• Pintoresca by Art, S.L.U.: Avant-garde art and;

• Museum Collection, S.L.U.: Art in the museum.

All the brands and companies have the same goal, with Vestirarte being our spearhead and the only one with a position in the market, with over 20 items for sale in our online store and art spaces or corner multi-brand stores. Vestirarte selects daily designers of all styles, which is a must in design and fashion. Our artists, with their work and originality, must inspire love in the woman who adorns herself with our artistic creations.

Our clothing products include: pants, coats, swimsuits, dresses, skirts, blouses and tops and kimonos. Accessories we offer include: gajos hats, draped turbans, Pamela Hats, Corazón Morado Turbans, bandas, the Shoulder Bag Células, the Shoulder Bag Simbiosis, the Shoulder Bag Seat 600, the Shoulder Bag Reflejos II and bow ties.

The purchase of these exclusive creations, can of course be done via our on-line shop, but also very soon you will be able to  acquire them in very exclusive and prestigious shops, such as in art and exhibitions spaces.

The exclusive and original details in our products can be summarised as follows:

• Exclusive designs of garments and accessories;

• Artworks licensed by the artist;

• Exclusive and original labelling, so that means no more uncomfortable and unpleasant labels without control;

• Numbered garments, giving exclusivity to both the artwork and the garment;

• With a stamped and signed exclusivity certificate, as well as with control and the article code and; • A unique garment, turned into personal originality.


Vanessa Sepúlveda is a young designer born in Caracas, Venezuela and settled in Madrid for ten years. Vanessa’s background includes extensive training in the field of graphic design, which was a starting point to enter the world of both fashion and styling. Following this, Vanessa decided to go to London to study fashion and that is where the road begins as a designer and pattern maker.

During Vanessa’s studies at the London College of Contemporary Arts, this designer was notable for being the first in class and style, with a clear focus on the Japanese design. In 2015, Vanessa returned to Madrid and began collaboration as a both a designer and pattern maker in the Vestirarte.

Bego Plaza has been working since 2006 to join the fashion world as a designer; betting on the design and emerging arts and local and craftsmanship. He studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Madrid and after several specialist courses, including Pattern Design Circle Textile. He has held several positions in the industry, including: a dressmakersaleswoman for Ottavio Nuccio Gala, a professor of patchwork for La Laborteca, press assistant CIA Fashion and a design assistant at Tu Hadita Florita. Bego currently works as a fashion designer for Vestirarte; betting on the design and emerging arts and local and craftsmanship.

Sara Urmeneta is a young Spanish designer, with a degree in fashion design. She is dedicated to innovative and creative design womenswear, menswear and children with different abilities in haute couture, headgear and swimwear.

Finally, Ana Belen Bravo has been described as a self-taught designer and dressmaker. She became interested in sewing and fashion world some years ago. So, that after forming self-taught and working for years as a dressmaker for individuals; she joined Vestirarte in 2015. She started off making prototypes for the brand and shortly afterwards, designed a collection of handbags.


Company: Vestirarte S.L.U

Name: Carlos Caridad

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: C/ Cronos, 24 3º D1, 28037 Madrid, Spain

Telephone: +34 910 809 101

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