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Improving Lives Through Education.

Delivering an extensive range of courses addressing the needs of global clients, via AAMC Training Group offers its clients access…

Improving Lives Through Education

1st May 2017


Delivering an extensive range of courses addressing the needs of global clients, via AAMC Training Group offers its clients access to continual professional development for their employees. We contacted Jeff Mazzini, Managing Director of the group, to learn more.

AAMC Training Group has been operational since 2001 and has local representation in India, Indonesia, Philippines and also delivering nationally across Australia. Its clients are varied as they offer training across an extensive range of sectors, including banking, financial services, insurance, I.T., accounting, bookkeeping, hospitality, retail, credit, and even training for fellow trainers.

When offering such a broad range of training solutions, it becomes particularly important that the correct courses are selected to meet client needs. “Firstly we meet with the clients and undertake a full client training needs analysis and truly understand the issues that clients are experiencing, then we map/align course contents to ensure it will address the training needs of the clients, which in turn will produce the required skilled workers.

“We then meet with the clients again to demonstrate how each unit of the course is aligned to provide the necessary skills for their employees or new recruits. We also supply a fully comprehensive Learning Management System so that clients are able to follow the students’ progress across all the companies’ points of representation.

“AAMC Training has very skilled, long serving and committed team members across our points of representation. Hence, it is the drive, passion and forward thinking that separates us from our competitors.

“We take the time to truly understand the client’s needs and provide solutions in discussion with the clients to meet their needs and then deliver with our skilled trainers and assessors.”

The company’s commitment to bettering others through continual education is made clear through their mottos. “We have trademarked the words ‘Improving Lives Through Education’ and it’s what we aim to do as we fully understand that providing good quality education, training and taking the time to understand the needs and building materials to meet those needs and this enables many to be able to place food on their tables, ongoing.

“We have also trademarked ‘Education without Borders’ as we have a strong belief that the world’s skills shortages can be overcome if great quality education is delivered and its skills are transportable across borders.

“We also think to the future and we constantly write and update via social media platforms on the need for everyone to understand that the digital age has well and truly arrived and that each and every person now must increase their skills and knowledge within the technology areas. Also, technology is not going to go away, but continue to replace more jobs and hence learning about it now is a life time commitment, not just a once off.”

When asked about the current state of the industries in which AAMC operates, Jeff pointed out that the same common problems occur no matter where in the world you looked. “Across each region we operating in, they all have their different challenges. However, the common themes at both employer and employee levels are the slowness to adapt to the new environment we have entered. The speed at which technology has advanced and become essential to business life has caught many unaware along with the false belief that their borders will protect their business models and jobs for life.

“Skills shortages are common across all regions and a lot has to do with the slowness of the changes within the employer groups, employees and education systems as some materials have been around for a long time now and have not adapted to the current environment to meet skills requirements for today.

“To survive into the future three main skills sets are required, IT skills beyond Facebook and emails, having a basic understanding of code would assist. Secondly, relationship skills are most important and thirdly being smarter than your clients, as many clients these days undertake research before they buy.”

So how do AAMC keep on top of emerging developments, to keep themselves, and the training they offer, ahead of the competition? “Constant reading of social media, articles, new papers, magazines, attending online webinars and seminars. We stay close to clients across a wide area of regions, countries, professions, institutions and so gain an understanding of their issues to be ready to address and solve them as they arise. Many issues are common across many areas, it’s just many sell different products or services and that’s what separates them.”

In regards to the future of the business, Jeff remain committed to continued growth, globally. With new projects in development the company is set to see a return in results, capital, and better trained workforces the world over.

He ended with an open invitation to all of our readers. “If you are sitting there reading this and feel that you have some issues within your business model and would like to have a one on one discussion with myself or one of my team please contact us for a free confidential chat.”

Company: AAMC Training Group Pty Ltd
Name: Jeff Mazzini
Email: [email protected]
Web Address:
Address: Head office, Unit 5, 17 Foley Street, Balacatta,
WA 6021, Australia
Telephone: + 61893444088
Mobile: + 61418646078
Skype: jeff.mazzini

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