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Influencing the Future.

SecureKey is a leading identity and authentication provider that simplifies consumer access to online services and applications. We profile the…

Influencing the Future

23rd October 2017


Influencing the Future

SecureKey is a leading identity and authentication provider that simplifies consumer access to online services and applications. We profile the firm to learn more about it and discover more about how it approaches projects and deals with clients.

SecureKey’s next generation privacyenhancing services enable consumers to conveniently and privately assert identity information using trusted providers, such as banks, telecommunications companies, and governments, helping them connect to critical online services with a digital credential they already have and trust, while ensuring that information is only ever shared with explicit user consent. SecureKey is a champion of the ecosystem approach to identity, revolutionizing the way consumers and organizations approach identity and attribute sharing in the digital age.

Employees at the company all work towards achieving the same mission at the company. The vision is to build highly scalable trusted identity networks which enable organizations to quickly and easily deliver high-value online secure services to millions of consumers.

Despite living in a technology and digital-dominated generation, people are being forced to use outdated and broken identity systems, and this results in too many avenues that welcome the possibility of fraud. There are cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, which SecureKey utilizes to provide its best service to customers. It does this through collaboration with innovators such as IBM and other leaders like Canada’s major banks, resulting in the company allowing consumers to use trusted credential providers, such as financial institutions, telecom network operators and governments. Consumers are therefore able to securely and privately authenticate with, and assert their identities for accessing the services of participating organizations.

Organizations such as the Digital ID Authentication Council of Canada, the Command Control and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analytics (CCICADA), plus many of Canada’s leading financial institutions have all been engaged as both investors and partners in the development of this digital identity ecosystem. This unique collaboration ensures the effective delivery of innovation, as well as improved privacy, security and digital fraud protection for both consumers and service providers across Canada.

Placing the customer first, the professional services team at SecureKey concentrates on partnering and collaborating to deliver innovative solutions. Establishing trust through open, transparent communication and using world-class delivery practices and practices, the firm ensures its clients projects are a success from the start, right the way through to completion of the project, and even after, the team continues to supply support, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and positive feedback.

Possessing significant expertise in assisting clients in performing integration on credentialing systems is a big contributor to the success of the firm. All its products are full on functional and require little integration work requirements. This allows the team to focus on training and supporting clients, and clients can leverage their own application domain knowledge, as well as rapidly deploy solutions in SecureKey’s cloud services.

Delving more into the secrets behind SecureKey’s achievements, the team uses a traditional project management approach when dealing with new clients and venturing into new projects. Staff’s engagement framework model provides leadership whilst also remaining flexible enough to coincide and interact with customer governance models. The firm’s in-house integration capabilities provide strong project planning and execution and tracking, all whilst working to tight deadlines and timelines, with a variety of different clients. Delivering collaborative and productive results is SecureKey’s intention.

Constantly approaching various projects, the firm’s delivery manager works with the company’s Operations and Infrastructure team, in order to complete a pre-production checklist and operational readiness guide. Nothing gets missed and attention to detail is important in this respect. Additionally, A SecureKey Delivery/Project Manager and Solutions Architect/Engineer work with their assigned counterparts within the client team to develop a joint project plan and charter.

Integral to delivering a successful project, SecureKey’s Delivery Manager manages primary communications between both teams and manages associated issues, actions and risks logs and escalations. This process results in service provisioning, customer care and technical and operational support.

Related infrastructure to support the quality service levels which the firm provides include a connection to the Exchange and Connect customer care and billing management systems. It also gives access to standard administrative support tools for setup and management, along with standard reporting packages. Alongside this, the process also gives access to Implementing Service Level Agreements between client and Tier 2 and Tier 3 support organizations, along with guiding the client through the technology integration, and, delivering a turnkey rollout.

Lastly, regarding the Professional Services team, it develops an Operational Readiness Plan (ORP) for each client deployment. The ORP ensures that readiness is achieved in a manner that is complete, properly documented, and verifiable. Deliverables and objective evidence requirements (written documented evidence that can be independently verified) is required from organizational functional areas for new or modified systems, structures, and components to establish and/or confirm a state of readiness for start-up or restart of a facility/activity.

Ultimately, there looks to be a bright future ahead for SecureKey. With its focus of placing the client first, and its extensive service offering, customers are guaranteed to return for business, and provide positive feedback, beneficial for the future of the firm as it may look to expand its services and offering across the globe.

Company: SecureKey

Address: 4104 Yonge Street, Suite 501 Building 4, York Mills Centre, Toronto, M2P 1N6, Canada

Phone: 001 647 725 2520 x212


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