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Innovation in Legal Services

PJS Law is valued by clients for exceptional work in transaction and project support in the Philippines. Selected as part…

Innovation in Legal Services

6th June 2017

PJS Law is valued by clients for exceptional work in transaction and project support in the Philippines. Selected as part of the 2017 Emerging Markets Top 50, the firm today is recognised as an industry leader in view of its important contribution to the energy sector in the Philippines, as advised by the firm’s Energy Partner, Monalisa C. Dimalanta.


PJS Law’s transaction experience cuts across various industries ranging from energy, banking, finance, public utilities, infrastructure, manufacturing, trading, food and retail and business process outsourcing, among others.

Since the firm was established in 1997, PJS Law has been consistently cited by leading legal and financial publications as one of the leading Philippine law firms recommended for energy and projects, mergers and acquisition, banking, capital markets, project finance and restructuring plus insolvency.

Our interview with Monalisa opens with a discussion on the firm’s commitment to client care, and the vital role their lawyers place in keeping the firm innovative.

“Since PJS Law started in 1997, the partners here have put a premium on client care. We are conscious that, in every transaction or project, the firm should be adding value as strategic partners of industry stakeholders.

“Our lawyers are trained to remain at the forefront of innovative legal service and provide exceptional client care.

This would mean at times adopting traditional approaches and in other times forwardlooking strategies, whatever would be responsive to client’s requirements.

“PJS Law’s clients appreciate our ability to understand not just the legal framework but also the technical and financial nuances of a target industry which best serve their interests. The collective experience of the firm will continue to be the drivers for our growth throughout 2017 and beyond.”

Staying on the theme of their clients, Monalisa explains their appreciation of the firm’s expert lawyers, and the essential role of innovation in legal services today.
“PJS Law’s clients are vocal in their appreciation of the firm’s exceptional brand in transaction/ advisory work. They recognise our lawyers’ proficiency in speaking the language of the businesses and industries when advising on legal issues relevant to their respective sectors.
“Innovation in legal services is at the core of the programmes we are adopting in PJSLaw over the last four years. We aim to have these programmes translate into improving how the firm provides legal services to our clients and will usher us into other areas of practice.”

Concluding the interview on an optimistic note, Monalisa explains her thoughts on PJS Law being selected as part of the 2017 Emerging Markets Top 50 and where she sees the firm heading in 2017 and beyond.

“PJS Law’s selection as part of the 2017 Emerging Markets Top 50 is an affirmation of the efforts and direction that the firm has deliberately set – to establish ourselves as a cut above other Philippine legal service providers. We are very much grateful for and inspired by this recognition.

“One of the values PJS Law fosters among our lawyers is the conscious awareness of their responsibility in transactions and projects, that is in the context of the Philippines as an emerging economy. In the months ahead, we see the firm establishing greater foothold in the infrastructure space in the Philippines and in the energy, finance and M&A sectors here over the next few years. For this year, PJS Law will continue to focus on these sectors as we are called on by new clients to do so, based on referrals from existing clients and correspondent counsels. Likewise, we do see the firm establishing a regional presence over the next few years.”

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