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Small Cap CEO Awards & US Small Cap CEO of the Year.

StrikeForce Technologies provides a suite of online products that help prevent cyber theft and data breaches by protecting customers, employees…

Small Cap CEO Awards & US Small Cap CEO of the Year

11th September 2017


Small Cap CEO Awards & US Small Cap CEO of the Year

StrikeForce Technologies provides a suite of online products that help prevent cyber theft and data breaches by protecting customers, employees and partners in real time at every vulnerable point. We invited Mark Kay to tell us more about the company and discuss the secrets behind its success.

StrikeForce’s products prevent fraud during account creation, account access, transactions and changes, and transaction verification, saving businesses millions of dollars, offering new levels of customer protection, and strengthening their brand names. Some of our products are made specifically for mobile devices as stated below. Mark discusses market urgency and how companies protect customers’ and employees’ personal identity information while keeping while keeping sites easy to use as the problem gets into the trillions of dollars.

“This is a make-or-break-it issue for banks, e-commerce merchants, credit card companies, related health care companies and enterprises as regulations and compliance increase in requirements and data breaches costs millions. The answer may determine the success of a business – especially as emerging attacks and public disclosures about cyber theft and data breaches accelerate globally.”

Outlining the benefits that clients receive from working with the company, Mark notes how
customers can feel safe in the knowledge that their personal information is being protected and will be shut out to any fraudsters.

“StrikeForce Technologies’ product suite protects personal information and shuts out fraudsters, validates a user’s identity and also exploits common devices and highsecurity tools, such as phones, PDAs, PCs and tokens, to create highly secure 2-factor and “Outof-Band” user authentication.”

Product Suite

• ProtectID®: offers 2-factor “Out-of-Band” authentication across many methods and devices for protection. Methods that is preferable and low cost for delivering Pins and One Time Passwords (OTP). This approach leverages a 2nd network for entering or receiving passwords, which locks out hackers – even if they have your username and password. Service is available for in-house, Cloud Service or hybrid. (Patent Nos.: 7870599, 8,484,698 & 8,713,701 and 3 pending)

• GuardedID®: a keyboard encryption and anti-keylogger that functions at the keyboard level, preventing keyloggers
(viruses like Zeus, etc.) from stealing login and confidential information. This has become the #1 Consumer Threat noted by the FBI and the 2010-2013 Verizon Data Breach Reports. (Patent Nos: 8,566,608, 8,732,483 and 8,973,107).

• MobileTrust®: is an iPhone/ iPad and Android all devices password vault that includes a strong password generator. MobileTrust also includes a Mobile MultiFactor OTP authenticator and keystroke encryption between its virtual keyboard and secured browser, which is critical to all confidential online transactions and other features to be released in mid-2015 (One Patent Pending).

• Patents – The “Out-of-Band” Two-Factor Authentication Patents (Nos.: 7870599 & 8,484,698 & 8,713,701) has been granted as of January 11, 2011, July, 2013 and 3rd in May 2014. StrikeForce also has three patents pending for ProtectID. We won our first Patent litigation mediation with Phone Factor (owned by Microsoft). GuardedID is now protected with our keystroke encryption Patent Nos.: 8,566,608, 8,732,483 and 8,973,107 and MobileTrust also has a patent pending for keystroke encryption and other processes on mobile devices. StrikeForce is now suing three other companies for the Out-of-Band Patents.”

Overall, the firm’s mission is to deliver outstanding global client services and part of this is how StrikeForce undertakes a new project, which helps to ensure the client receives the best possible outcome.

“What the market has done and for us to comply with the best outcome, is to design it with a test client that is interested, and have them run with it for at least 6 months, then have others try it as well.”

“Fundamentally, our mission is to deliver outstanding global client services with high quality and at the right price. In addition, we aim to provide fulfilling careers and professional satisfaction for our people, while remaining true to our pride values, and to achieve financial success and growth for the company and its shareholders. These core focuses have helped drive us to the success we have today and moving forward we will continue to strive to reach these goals.”

In order to stand out from its competitors, the company is unique in the way that it protects customers, partners and employees, both local and mobile.

“These services are also provided in real time against cyber fraud at every access point with one patented platform. Staff are able to preserve the online experience and provide unobtrusive access to users while ensuring that the users truly are who they say they are. The company offers choices of two-factor ‘Out-of-Band’ solutions that can be customised and scalable, based on the level of security required and preferred technology tools for desktops, laptops and now popular mobile devices.”

Mark tells us how it feels to have been selected in the Small Cap CEO Awards and goes on to mention what it means for both himself and the firm.

“Winning the award feels very special and we definitely deserve the position to be in the Small Cap CEO Award, as we have worked very hard over the past 15 years and through a tough period that we are now coming through.

“It means we finally made it and now are suing seven other companies with our Out-of-Band Authentication – ProtectID® patent lawsuits and have a sale already for our GuardedID®
and MobileTrust® products that closes by September 30, 2020. It took a very long time for our products to become front and center.”

Providing a brief overview of the technology industry in the region, Mark states that authentication is a global issue, becoming increasingly popular, with cyber security being mentioned every single day.

“We are in the authentication space which is a global issue and in the papers, local and national and international, every single day and often mentioned multiple times. It is becoming very popular including the press and the TV commercials. We couldn’t be in a bigger industry now, where we read about cyber security every single day.”

“There are upcoming developments in every industry, and the authentication space is no different.” Mark comments on how the firm adapts to potential new advances and StrikeForce is constantly working with other companies, teaching and learning.

“We are constantly selling our products, meeting with companies being hacked and scared of being hacked and learning and helping them doing something about it, such as by purchasing our products. We are very active now and working heavily through a major channel partner.”

Regarding the internal culture at the firm, Mark gives everyone free-reign, so much so that they accomplish their goals. There is a relaxed working environment with staff free to take time off, as long as it is organized. This all contributes to the success of the firm and the excellent customer service.

“The internal culture is very free and everyone gets to decide how to accomplish their goals. They get to take off the time they need, as long as it is organized. We typically don’t have to visit clients, as our partners do that, so we are very relaxed with a lot of pressure in keeping our products up to date. We also maintain a small staff of employees and utilize many contractors to meet some of our specific needs.”

Regarding the future of the firm, Mark notes what upcoming developments there are for the firm, along with how the products are contributing to the company’s ongoing success.

“Moving forward, there are many exciting developments for the firm, and I look forward to taking advantage of these opportunities. We will continue to sell our leading authentication and keystroke encryption products as they become very popular and seem to be getting more popular in time as the world almost catches up to us.”

“The industry is developing into stronger hacking and stealing critical data and other information, for which our products are meant to prevent. New methods are added and we also work to stay ahead of them. In terms of authentication, other new methods are used for which again, are already getting a head start and we are patenting for, such as ‘Push Authentication’, which we now have in test. We are becoming the company for preventing hackers from being successful and providing the best Authentication and Encryption capabilities including Push. Some of our newer clients are including our products which only prove this point.”

Company: StrikeForce Technologies, Inc.

Name: Mark L Kay

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: 1090 King Georges Post Rd., Suite 603, Edison, NJ 08837

Telephone: 732-661-9641

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