The Godeau Effect


Peleg Yagen provided us with an article to tell us more about two of the latest theories on evolution: one theory on the evolution of blockchain-money over the last 10 years, and the other on the evolution of consciousness.

For ease of understanding, each theory can be approached completely independently from one another and each approach is provided with its own independent definitions listed from a to z.

Evolution of CRYPTO-Currencies

Firstly, regarding the money path, we give a brief illustration of the evolution of blockchainmoney, i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ether tokens, etc. However, we mostly teach our clients on how to become familiar with their hardware wallet, setting up a variety of accounts: monthly budget account, savings accounts, and petty cash accounts. For practice, clients receive and send micropayments [typically one penny] back and forth across the network as they choose low, medium, normal, economy, or custom fees as appropriate.

Evolution of consciousness facilitating CRYPTIC Life Lessons

There is also the emotion and mind path. We explain how the interior infrastructure of the Giza Cheops pyramid is a coded message from the past and when decoded gives us the mathematical and symbolic notation, describing how the delicate see-saw mechanism works between our mental IQ and our emotional IQ. This balance is at the root of the evolution process. By mental IQ, is meant common-sense IQ.


When teaching our clients on how to use the new cryptocurrencies, we use the hands-on approach and we defer from teaching over-much theoretical jargon, as we could get too easily bogged down on unnecessary technicalities.

As such, our strategy is to give you a jump start of three lessons (one hour each), by the end of this you will have sent and received money back and forth between bitcoin crypto addresses several times. You will have twice times successfully recovered your wallet with some pennies in it. And if you are impressed at this stage, you are ready to make your first investment into Bitcoin. Scarcity and usability are the fundamentals of keeping inflation of your crypto-asset at bay.

If after your 3 lessons, you do decide to invest in bitcoin both as means of exchange for products and services and as a store of value, then we consider that for you to be successful on this dual-purpose approach, you will need to master 10 rules of basic cryptos. The #1, #2 and #3 rules pertain to choosing wisely the crypto-banks / exchanges / swappers that you work with; minimising the elapsed time [optimally this should be less than hours] during which you allow them control of your assets and 3rdly, if u need to send from 3rd party to 3rd party always use your own wallet as intermediary.

Losses can be incurred in a variety of ways: 1) by misappropriation of funds via crypto-banks / exchanges / swappers, 2) by forgetting/ mislaying passwords and-or recovery-seed-phrases and-or passphrases and-or public keys and-or private keys, 3) by rogue programmers and / or developers taking advantage of some newly discovered loop-hole in the software, 4) by omitting to take a hardcopy of each important transaction, 5) by not paying attention to what ticker you’re sending to [e.g. bitcoin ticker symbols = btc and bch] and 6) even by the physical degradation of the ink on paper wallets. Carelessness is surely a factor but so many of these losses have been due to lack of first-rate education and that’s the niche we so nimbly address. We also show you how to choose between the specifications of the two leading bitcoin brands: bitcoin legacy [BTC] and bitcoin cash [BCH].


We usually proceed with a discussion group of over three people, with a 50-50 split between presentation and Q&A formats. There are three options, which are; numeric-centric, alphanumeric-centric, or musiccentric. Rather than speaking of up / down or higher / lower we speak of moving our focus within subatomic centres – inwards from the outermost shell or outwards from the innermost nucleus.

The Godeau Effect – Seeing the Bigger Picture

Now, to explain some integration between the two tracks, we have coined a phrase called the “The Godeau effect”, which means waiting for a certain trigger effect.

Most of us are not so good at multiprocessing. We are either stumbling along on the emotional front, with our low mental faculties firmly controlled by our emotional impulses, sometimes low and sometimes high, or we are fumbling along on the mental front, albeit at a much higher mental IQ level, as we attempt to wrest control away from our dominant emotional impulses and belief systems. However, with a low emotional IQ, that high mental-IQ is apt to put some of our fellow-travellers somewhat at risk from our ofttimes reckless and selfish decisions.

The temptation to misuse our knowledge can become overwhelming – leading us with our superior mental IQ to manipulate and exploit others for the benefit of ourselves. This is where the “godeau effect” comes into play. This built-in safeguard is a built-in delay mechanism that works like this: after we have some mental illumination, there is typically a short period of assimilation, but then it’s as if we encounter something akin to a “writer’s block” that protects us from going too far out of balance.

Essentially, we are nudged away from that avenue of mental enquiry and that gives the extra potential for us to self-acquire a higher emotional IQ, to a point where we can realize that with our extra knowledge comes extra responsibility. At this moment in time, to the best of our knowledge, it seems we are pioneers in explaining and illustrating these two theories. Both offerings have been under construction since beginning of 2017, so we can say this is an early soundingboard for us. 

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