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Your Case Matters

PH Law Firm is short for Paglialunga & Harris, PS. For the last 20 years, the firm’s attorneys have been…

Your Case Matters

31st July 2017


Your Case Matters

PH Law Firm is short for Paglialunga & Harris, PS. For the last 20 years, the firm’s attorneys have been advocating for people against insurance companies, drug companies and medical device manufacturers. 2017 Attorney of the Year was recently awarded to Jim Harris, who spills the beans on the firm’s work and what they can do for you. 

The PH Law Firm represents people harmed by negligent conduct and by corporations that put profits before people’s safety, including drug companies, medical device companies. PH Law Firm take cases that matter. Your case matters to you, and it matters to them. But your case also matters to society because without accountability for unsafe and wrongful conduct, more people get harmed or even die.

Attorney, Jim Harris continues to set the scene for us, elaborating on the firm’s valuable work.
“We believe the cases we handle make everyone safer. Many of the cases we handle involve fraudulent and even criminal conduct on the part of corporations, that have deliberately concealed information about how their products can harm people. It’s important that these bad actors compensate every person they do harm to.

“We work hard for our clients, so they can receive the full justice that the law will allow. We also believe that deserving cases should be resolved and settled both quickly and efficiently. But if defendants refuse to do what’s right and provide our clients the justice they deserve, we are prepared to fight for those we serve in the courtroom. Our track record of results speaks for itself.

The firm was established in 1996, with offices in Seattle and San Diego. Today, they specialise in pharmaceutical and medical device litigation, product liability and personal injury. Jim then reveals his thoughts on being awarded Attorney of the Year and what his means for him and his firm. He also reveals more about his own role in the firm and any challenges or opportunities that are coming up in the region.

“It is a great honour. We accept the award on behalf of the good people we are lucky to represent. For me and my firm, it means we need to work even harder in 2018.”

“In terms of my own role in the firm, I focus on pharmaceutical and medical device cases, primarily.

“We represent people nationwide, indeed right now there are many challenges as corporate interests, that seek to limit the rights of the people they injure and restrict access to justice.”
Jim then highlights the firm’s specific legal areas of expertise, what type of clients they serve and the essential role that staff play in the success of PH Law Firm.

“We focus primarily on cases where a drug or medical device firm has rushed a product to market with inadequate testing, may have suppressed scientific evidence showing there was a risk and failed to warn the medical community.

“We represent ordinary average people all over the nation. In addition, our staff are the
backbone of the law firm. We have very caring, attentive people who help take very good care of our clients.”

In closing, Jim shares the firm’s plans for 2017 and encourages you to get in touch with the firm to find out more.

“We want to continue fighting for justice for people whenever drug companies or medical device companies choose to put their profits before people’s safety.

“Thank you again for the recognition! Do call us for a free no obligation case evaluation, to find out if you have a case. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions. In minutes, we can let you know if your case is one that may qualify for compensation.”

Name: Jim Harris

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: 4600 La Jolla Villiage Dr Suite 500, San Diego, 92122 USA

Telephone: +1 888 604 3438

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