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A One Stop Shop for Finance.

Established in 2004, SCCF provides Financing and fiduciary services from its Geneva and Zug offices. Dimitri is keen to tell…

A One Stop Shop for Finance

14th March 2018


A One Stop Shop for Finance

SCCF provides financing to small and mid-size commodities producers, traders and distributors. We spoke to Dimitri Rusca who provides us with an overview of the company and the services that it offers.

Established in 2004, SCCF provides Financing and fiduciary services from its Geneva and Zug offices. Dimitri is keen to tell us about his firm and what differentiates it from its competitors, subsequently making it the best possible option for clients.

“Here at SCCF, we are a team of 15 professionals, consisting of ex bankers and traders. We work quickly to understand the needs of our customers, placing them at the forefront of our minds, and find solutions rapidly. Furthermore, we can implement credit facilities within a few days and also incorporate Swiss companies in two weeks.”

Notably, SCCF is able to produce impressive results and Dimitri outlines as the steps which the team take in order to ensure clients receive the best possible outcome. He also comments on the firm’s overall mission and what steps the team take in order to achieve this.

“Treating every client as an individual, we find the best bespoke solutions for each customer. Helping to optimise financing and corporate costs. Our target is small and mid-size companies who are active in the commodities, but start-ups are also very welcome. There is no need for clients to bring large equity to obtain financing.”

Providing us with an overview of the industry within Geneva and Zug, Dimitri discusses what specific challenges there are which are affecting the market. As a result of these challenges, the firm must adapt and employ certain techniques in order to stay ahead of the constant advances which are arising within the industry.

“At the moment, banks have the general tendency in reducing trade finance for small corporates, and this is our niche market. SCCF has its own crowdlending platform (https:// We are constantly developing it and adding new products, including blockchain, and soon, SCCF will have apple and android applications, enabling our customer to use our services more efficiently.”

Regarding the internal culture within SCCF, Dimitri comments on the extensive training which each member of staff must go through. Thus, staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients and can answer any questions or queries which may arise.

“Within the company, each staff member follows internal and external training and participate a variety of seminars. We have five senior former bankers from BNP Paribas and Credit Suisse within our staff, totalling 100 years of experience in Trade and Structured Finance. Important to the values and ethos of the company, each customer must be treated with special care.”

In order to produce the best customer service, the right staff must be hired, and the company are constantly in contact with the University of Geneva, with the team offering various Masters Degrees in Trade Finance.

Moving forwards, Dimitri predicts what the future holds for SCCF, as well as outlining the firm’s plans in the times ahead. He signs off by commenting on how the adapt will to any developments which will arise in the sector.

“Looking to the future, we are developing our IT platform. Crowdlending, blockchain is our priority. Also, we are hiring IT engineers from EPFL (Lausanne University of Technologies) within our company. Overall, we will be at our efficient best by developing new products all the time in order to adapt with these advances.”

Company: SCCF Structured Commodity & Corporate Finance SA

Contact: Dimitri Rusca

Address: 9-11 Place de la Fusterie, Geneva, 1204, Switzerland

Phone: +41223108989

Website: and

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