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Achieving That Elusive Work/Life Balance

Third Door is a family-friendly coworking space with an on-site Ofsted registered Nursery. Third Door was set up by young…

Achieving That Elusive Work/Life Balance

24th October 2018


Third Door: Gateway to Achieving That Elusive Work/Life Balance

Third Door is a family-friendly coworking space with an on-site Ofsted registered Nursery. Third Door was set up by young parents who dreamed of a community that worked for both parents and children. Following their success in the 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards, we sat down with Managing Director and Co-founder, Shazia Mustafa who reveals the secrets behind their exceptional success.

Established in 2010, Third Door offers a modern solution for today’s working parents: a coworking space and a flexible nursery under one roof. Maybe you’re a freelancer looking for flexible childcare, a remote worker who likes the idea of being near your child during the day, or a business owner who needs office space and childcare that flexes with your working hours. Maybe you simply like the idea of a small, friendly nursery for your child, that offers flexibility when you go on holiday. Going into further detail about their overall mission, Shazia details the foundation that Third Door was built upon.

“Third Door is designed to help both your family and your work grow together. It was built on the passionate belief that it is possible to excel in your career whilst still spending quality time with your children. We have focused on building our innovative business on our values and mission and have attracted like-minded families as a result. Our vision is to open many more Third Door’s across London and the UK partnering up with as many likeminded developers and partnerships that we can find.”

Third Door is a truly unique company. They are one of the first in the UK, London and the world to offer the coworking and
flexible nursery hybrid, as Shazia explains.

“We have created and built Third Door through constant research and feedback from our customers. Having a full Ofsted Nursery onsite is unique in the coworking world and having a truly flexible nursery is unique within the childcare industry. Also, we are offering solutions that allow parents to work near their child, in addition to having the flexibility that affords them to be able to create a work life balance they want around their work and family.”

For both Shazia and the team at Third Door, their ethos is very important to them, and they aim to create an environment where children, parents and staff are all able to embody their values together. When discussing the internal culture, Shazia is keen to highlight the three core values that the team at Third Door work tirelessly to uphold.

It is through mutual respect that we have created the wonderful atmosphere we have at Third Door.

Our nursery team are curious childcare practitioners, who have each worked on qualifications in their spare time to help improve their practice and careers. This in turn helps the children develop a natural curiosity.

We find that confidence and peace of mind go hand in hand – for children and for parents.

Looking ahead to what the future holds, Shazia reveals what exciting plans lie in the pipeline for Third Door, as well as noting on the developments that she foresees within the industry, and how the firm will adapt around them.

“The coworking industry is growing very fast in the short time it has existed, whereas the nursery industry is growing steadily but with little innovation. Saying that, the biggest changes we have seen in the industry has been more of a move towards natural resources and outdoor learning has been the biggest changes within the nursery industry we have seen since we opened.

“We are seeing more people looking for coworking and childcare together, which shows how working patterns have evolved in the last decade with many people turning to freelancing, self-employment and looking for flexible working patterns. We will continue to listen to our customers and put in place what they are looking for.

“By the time our children have their own children, we hope that the Third Door model will be embedded nationally in the UK and internationally. Additionally, we have created our own software to support the flexibility which we hope other nurseries and coworking spaces will use.”

Contact details:

Contact: Shazia Mustafa

Address: 16 Point Pleasant, Putney, London, SW18 1GG, UK

Telephone: +44 208 877 0098

Web Address:


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