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Any Word, Any Time, Any Place

JONCKERS has been a leading force in professional translation services and localisation technologies for over 25 years. Supporting top international…

Any Word, Any Time, Any Place

25th June 2018


JONCKERS has been a leading force in professional translation services and localisation technologies for over 25 years. Supporting top international brands in developing their message and global presence with speed and efficiency. We profile the organisation, led by inspirational CEO Geo Janssens, as we search for more insight into the company’s services and achievements.

Founded in 1994 by current Chief Strategy Officer Marc Jonckers, JONCKERS offers a vast array of services which supply global content solutions its clients require, enabling them to reach their international audience. Whether it be a need for word for word professional translation, crowd-sourcing translation, multimedia localisation, language quality assurance or accredited translators and trans-creative consultants, JONCKERS promises a scalable team of technology and language experts, combined with tools, which can be customised to any specification. The team is always on hand to support any business in any sector across the globe in accelerating its presence on a worldwide stage.

Interestingly, the company’s major clients are industry leaders in software publishing, consumer electronics, global retail, communications, gaming, eLearning, financial services, manufacturing and travel. Boasting a worldwide presence, the team holds 11 offices around the world supporting customers such as Canon, Cisco, Tableau, RingCentral, AXA, Marriott, Spil Games in their international operations.

With long standing relationships with innovators and sector giants such as Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Panasonic, Amazon and Alibaba, JONCKERS is a proven language service provider at the highest level.

Just over a year ago, Geo, JONCKERS CEO announced the launch of its unique Cloud based management platform WordsOnline. The concept evolved from working in partnership with eCommerce customers, processing over 30 million words each month. Geo knows that continuous delivery is key for sectors such as retail to get products and messages to their audience. They needed to keep up with this demand and build on their speedy solutions.

Operating with a long-term vision, Mr Janssens and the leading team at JONCKERS look to communicate fast and flexible translation solutions in any language, any time and across all media.

An aspect which has been crucial to the success of JONCKERS has been its worldwide reach, which has only enhanced the firm’s reputation. The company’s scope and coverage across the globe is a key differentiator, as the team operates a ‘follow the sun’ business model, meaning no matter where its clients are based, or what time it is, there are people on hand to assist. This message has only been strengthened by the launch of WordsOnline. The platform allows anytime access to an automated workflow, designed specifically to promote the continuous delivery model. With instant access to tools such as Marketplace which connects the client to thousands of accredited linguists worldwide and Dashboard which is a realtime project monitoring interface, customers using WordsOnline get a holistic overview and progress report on each of their projects for a more reassured peace of mind.

Internally, staff’s expertise and unique skillset is unrivalled across the sector. The dedicated HR department and training staff are all highly skilled in motivating and getting the best out of its teams. Geo sees education and training programmes, which develop JONCKERS employees and keep them at the top of their game, as integral not only to individual growth, but that of the business too. Knowledge is power and with power comes responsibility, each of the company’s employees know that once they have the relevant knowledge, they have a duty to its clients to deliver only the best results.

Ultimately, regarding what the future holds for JONCKERS, there is widespread optimism amongst the team that there are bright times ahead. The company’s future lies in technology and the people that it has in its business. The company is driven by progression and a strong work ethic to evolve and adapt. JONCKERS is hoping to maintain its growth pattern and increase the company’s standing even further in the industries that it is active in with further advances in its tech offerings and customer focused platforms. Moving forward, the times ahead look exciting for JONCKERS, particularly with its young, vibrant and dynamic Executive Management Team, headed by their ever enthusiastic and influential CEO Geo, the business is collectively intent on making JONCKERS the market leading Localisation Service Provider.

Contact: Richard Renda

Address: Jactin House, 24 Hood St, Manchester, M4 6WX

Phone: 03309 950 646


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