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Creating a Thriving Working Environment.

A Tribe Called Woman is dedicated to empowering women to show-up powerfully, purposefully and collaboratively. We gain an insight into…

Creating a Thriving Working Environment

7th March 2018


Creating a Thriving Working Environment

A Tribe Called Woman is dedicated to empowering women to show-up powerfully, purposefully and collaboratively. We gain an insight into the successful operations of the coaching consultancy, profiling their work of the team and that of Founder, Karen Heras-Kelly, as she features as corporate Vison’s 2018 Ones to Watch in Coaching.

Established by Karen Heras-Kelly, A Tribe Called Woman is an organisation which is passionate about realising positive change in people and business. Boasting a wealth of 40-years combined corporate experience, Karen and her business partner, Helen Parker aim to help people understand the pressures and challenges that women face when working in fast-paced environments, with the ultimate aim of helping women and businesses thrive.

Forming a team consisting of a certified professional coach specialising in feminine empowerment, and a qualified and practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist, A Tribe Called Woman can truly empower women to manage their professional, personal, social and wellbeing goals.

Knowing what they want to achieve, Karen and Helen help women and men to understand and lead from their feminine side, as they bring forward harmony, creativity and effective relationships which helps not only women to but also businesses to thrive.

Operating with tried and tested methods, the partners create coaching and leadership programmes designed by women, for women and men interested in developing feminine leadership skills. Having worked with a wide variety of women and men around the world, the team link body, mind and purpose together, making the executive coaches truly unique, as they teach clients to tune into their core and follow their instincts.

Flourishing within the industry, Karen and Helen are brimming with creativity, as they are committed to inspiring purposeful businesses, and placing feminine empowerment, leadership and wellbeing at their heart, all of which contributes to the company being named as Corporate Vision’s 2018 Ones to Watch in Coaching.

Monitoring trends and activities helps A Tribe Called Woman to understand the needs and requirements of many women in their respective sectors, and is a key aspect of how the duo support so many women. Previously, Karen spent twenty years launching and building beauty brands like GHD & St Tropez for sale globally, holding senior exec positions within the fields of PR, marketing and brand building. While Helen led multinational CSR programmes that harnessed her proven track record in corporate communications with social impact creation, she is also an established clinical therapist who enables people to tap fully into the power of their minds. Together they are well equipped to support women with the pressures of managing corporate life.

As a CTI Professional Certified Co-Active coach and leadership graduate, Karen follows the models provided by The Coaching Training Institute (a Harvard Medical School affiliate). Also, she is known for her feminine empowerment and leadership work. It is an ambition and vision of Karen to support women and men to embody feminine energy in the workplace.

Essentially, A Tribe Called Woman is unique because the team are able to link body, mind and purpose together, teaching clients to embody a feminine style of leadership in the workplace. The organisation’s work consistently achieves a 100% rating for its quality and impact, and advocacy drives the majority of its new business.

Well-renowned amongst the coaching industry, Karen has been very proactive in the work that she has done, and in 2017, she co-led an extensive leadership and wellbeing programme in Mexico for the executive team of a major international company. The work undertaken is helping to pave the way for a shift in culture towards a softer feminine energy that is in balance with healthy masculine management traits.

With regard to her personal future, there are exciting times ahead for Karen, as in March 2018, she will be leading a two-week retreat to India that involves 14 executive women. This retreat is dedicated to feminine leadership and wellbeing for women seeking to succeed in a busy world. Furthermore, in April 2018, she will be flying to India to collect an award entitled ‘Woman of Excellence’ from the World Economic Forum (WEF) for her work empowering women & feminine leadership.

Moreover, the future for A Tribe Called Woman is also exciting, as there is a growing demand amongst organisations and businesses for feminine focused leadership within the workplace. Previous research has shown that feminine leadership can have a positive impact upon wellbeing as well as culture. In the times ahead, the team see greater opportunities to blend their impressive coaching and training into business and work, with both sexes possessing greater collaboration, equality, harmony and innovation.

Ultimately, A Tribe Called Woman will adapt to these trends by creating bespoke programmes which are based on organisation’s strategic goals and challenges, as Karen and Helen look to tackle these through the elements of mind, body and purpose. 

Company: A Tribe Called Woman

Contact: Karen Heras-Kelly

Address: Leeds, UK

Phone: 0781 487 4911


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