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Creating Agile Companies Through Coaching.

Barrett McBride & Associates, Inc. specializes in serving businesses, teams and leaders in transition and providing them with the very…

Creating Agile Companies Through Coaching

12th February 2018


Barrett McBride & Associates, Inc. specialises in serving businesses, teams and leaders in transition and providing them with the very highest standards of coaching and consulting support. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its incredible success, which has helped it to achieve a place in our coveted Coaching Top 50 for 2017.

Founded in 1996, Barrett McBride & Associates is an international multifaceted consulting and coaching firm. The firm’s clients are business leaders and organisations in the midst of change who embrace the benefits that external perspective and partnership can provide. Their client base is intentionally diverse. They successfully serve a broad spectrum of clients, helping them to develop and achieve their vision of success.

To ensure that these clients are provided with the support they need, Barrett McBride & Associates skilfully shares in their clients’ desire, helping them to bring abstract ideas into focus and create cohesive strategies to achieve results. Through leadership coaching, strategic planning, organisational development, program assessment, team development, and group facilitation the firm guides its clients through the growth process with knowledge, skill, creativity and integrity that is unparalleled.

Thanks to its innovative range of services, Barrett McBride & Associates combines the best of coaching, psychology and organisational theory and practice in their work with senior leaders and other professionals in demanding occupations. Theoretical underpinnings of the firm’s coaching practice include Systems Theory, Positive Psychology, Transactional Analysis & Psychodynamics, Gestalt and Cognitive/ Behavioural theories. The firm clearly draws the line between therapeutic and coaching modalities of these theories to bring an innovative and proven approach to working with clients. While they serve leaders in many types of organisations, their coaching work is best known in the fields of health care, higher education and technology.

Additionally, Barrett McBride & Associates often integrates coaching with other client organisational needs, mediation and conflict management training, 360 and other assessments for individuals and teams and retreat and meeting facilitation.

At the centre of Barrett McBride & Associates’ coaching business is their CEO and founder, Barrett McBride, Ph.D. Barrett has been a professional coach for more than 20 years. She is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), a distinction that only 6% of certified coaches share worldwide. The dissertation for her Ph.D. in Human and Organisational Systems focused on aspects of coaching competency. (She also has master’s degrees in human development and organisational development). She is a Certified Coach Supervisor and a registered Mentor Coach (ICF). She has several additional certifications, including a master certification in evidence-based coaching.

In addition to recognition for her coaching skill, she is also a sought-after coach educator. She trains coaches at both the beginning and advanced skill levels, through tele-classes and live workshop formats. Barrett’s coaching passions form the three arms of the firm’s coaching practice: Coaching senior leaders, coaching supervision and training coaches and managers to coach.

Recently, the firm has moved into a new practice area, coaching supervision, a form of professional development for coaches in which a coach supervisor partners with a coach or group of coaches to facilitate expanding self-awareness and greater mastery of their coaching practice. Although it is a common coach development practice and contracting requirement for many external coaches in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, coaching supervision is fairly new practice in the United States.

Supervision differs from coaching in its multi-perspective approach, its focus on developing coach awareness versus achieving specific goals, the skill level required by the supervisor, and the tools, concepts and approaches that may be accessed in a session.

As one of the few Certified Coach Supervisors in North America, Barrett supervises individuals and groups of certified coaches in the United States, Canada and Europe. She has also worked with organisations to educate, inform and assist with the development of coaching supervision programs for internal and external coaches. Coaches often report achieving greater depth of understanding of themselves, their coaching practice, and clients, uncovering blind spots and realising new awareness that increases their coaching mastery and practice development.

Overall, as coaching has gained North American acceptance in the last 10 years, Barrett McBride & Associates has effectively added coach training for managers to its program offerings, teaching managers how and when to take a coach approach with employees in service of employee, manager and organisational goals. Looking ahead, the firm will continue to develop its service offering to ensure it remains at the very cutting edge of the latest industry developments. 

Contact: Barrett McBride

Address: 2443 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite 260, Sacramento, CA 95825, USA

Phone: 001 916 456 5855

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